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Filmography as: Distributor, Production Company, Miscellaneous Company

Distributor - filmography

  1. Back to the Future Part III (1991) (VG) ... Distributor (1991) (USA) (all media) (Amiga version) (Commodore 64 version) (DOS version) (Sega Master System version) (ZX Spectrum version)
  2. Predator 2 (1991) (VG) ... Distributor (1991) (USA) (all media) (Commodore Amiga version)
  3. Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (1991) (VG) ... Distributor (1991) (USA) (all media) (Atari ST version) (Commodore 64 version)
  4. The First Samurai (1991) (VG) ... Distributor (1991) (USA) (all media) (Amiga version) (Atari ST version), Distributor (1992) (USA) (all media) (Commodore 64 version)
  5. Cadaver (1990) (VG) ... Distributor (1990) (Germany) (all media) (Atari ST version), Distributor (1990) (UK) (all media) (Amiga version), Distributor (1991) (Germany) (all media) (DOS version), Distributor (1991) (UK) (all media) (DOS version)
  6. Bombuzal (1988) (VG) ... Distributor (1988) (UK) (all media) (Amiga version) (Atari ST version) (Commodore 64 version), Distributor (1989) (USA) (all media) (DOS version)

Filmography as: Distributor, Production Company, Miscellaneous Company

Production Company - filmography

  1. The Roommate (2005) (V) ... Production Company
  2. Predator 2 (1991) (VG) ... Production Company
  3. Effects (1980) ... Production Company

Filmography as: Distributor, Production Company, Miscellaneous Company

Miscellaneous Company - filmography

  1. A Hero's Journey: The Making of Beowulf (2008) (V) ... Special Thanks
  2. Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon (2001) ... Special Thanks