Sweet Lorraine Productions

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Filmography as: Production Company

Production Company - filmography

  1. "Homeboys in Outer Space: The Adventures of Ratman and Gerbil or, Holy Homeboys in Outer Space (#1.21)" (1997) ... Production Company
  2. "Homeboys in Outer Space: How the West Was Lost or, Daddy's Home (#1.20)" (1997) ... Production Company
  3. "Homeboys in Outer Space: Tales from the Dark Side or, Ty Takes the Redeye (#1.19)" (1997) ... Production Company
  4. "Homeboys in Outer Space: The Naked and the Dred, or the Toast of the Town (#1.18)" (1997) ... Production Company
  5. "Homeboys in Outer Space: Happy Happy, Droid Droid, or Amma Sees Red (#1.17)" (1997) ... Production Company
  6. "Homeboys in Outer Space: An Officer and a Homebody, or Full Metal Jackess (#1.16)" (1997) ... Production Company
  7. "Homeboys in Outer Space: The Longest Yard and a Half, or the Shawshank Redemption Center (#1.15)" (1997) ... Production Company
  8. "Homeboys in Outer Space: El Voyage Fantastico, or I've Got You Under My Skin (#1.14)" (1997) ... Production Company
  9. "Homeboys in Outer Space: Brother's Got No Soul, or I Love Lucifer (#1.13)" (1997) ... Production Company
  10. "Homeboys in Outer Space: Super Bad Foxy Lady Killer or Ty and Morris Get the Shaft (#1.12)" (1996) ... Production Company
  11. "Homeboys in Outer Space: Homeboys in Wonderland or, Hoopty Doopty (#1.11)" (1996) ... Production Company
  12. "Homeboys in Outer Space: A Man's Place Is in the Homey, or the Stepford Guys (#1.10)" (1996) ... Production Company
  13. "Homeboys in Outer Space: Trading Faces or All the King's Homeys (#1.9)" (1996) ... Production Company
  14. "Homeboys in Outer Space: Devil in Miss Jones, or Dismember of the Wedding (#1.8)" (1996) ... Production Company
  15. "Homeboys in Outer Space: Dog Day Afternoon, or When the Going Get Ruff (#1.7)" (1996) ... Production Company
  16. "Homeboys in Outer Space: House Party or, Play That Funky White Music Droid (#1.6)" (1996) ... Production Company
  17. "Homeboys in Outer Space: Loquatia Unplugged or, Come Back, Little Cyber (#1.5)" (1996) ... Production Company
  18. "Homeboys in Outer Space: Behold a Pale Planet, or What If God Was One of Us (#1.4)" (1996) ... Production Company
  19. "Homeboys in Outer Space: Papa's Got a Brad New Old Bag or, That's No Lady, That's My Grandma (#1.3)" (1996) ... Production Company
  20. "Homeboys in Outer Space: The Pleasure Planet Principle, or G Marks the Spot (#1.2)" (1996) ... Production Company
  21. "Homeboys in Outer Space" (1996) ... Production Company
  22. "Homeboys in Outer Space: There's No Space Like Home, or Return of the Jed Eye (#1.1)" (1996) ... Production Company