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Filmography as: Production Company, Distributor

Production Company - filmography

  1. "Rocky and His Friends: The Quick and the Dead/Bullwinkle Makes a Movie or The Feature from Outer Space (#2.45)" (1961) ... Production Company
  2. "Rocky and His Friends: Battle of the Giants or It Takes Two to Tangle/Bye Bye Boris or Farewell My Ugly (#2.18)" (1961) ... Production Company
  3. "Rocky and His Friends: The Squirrel Next Door or High Neighbor/The Spell Binders or Hex Marks the Spot (#2.17)" (1961) ... Production Company
  4. "Rocky and His Friends: The Big Blast or A Many Splintered Thing/The Steal Hour or A Snitch in Time (#2.15)" (1960) ... Production Company
  5. "Rocky and His Friends: Bullwinkle at the Bottom or A Mish-Mash Moose/Double Trouble or The Moose Hangs High (#2.12)" (1960) ... Production Company
  6. "Rocky and His Friends: The Road to Ruin or Mine Over Matter/Two Flying Ghosts or High Spirits (#2.2)" (1960) ... Production Company
  7. "Rocky and His Friends: Upsidaisium/Big Bomb at Frostbite Falls or The Exploding Metropolis (#2.1)" (1960) ... Production Company
  8. "Rocky and His Friends: Water on the Brain or the Deep Six and 7/8/Bullwinkle Goes to Press or All the Moose That's Fit to Print (#1.26)" (1960) ... Production Company
  9. "Rocky and His Friends: The Ground Floor or That's Me All Over!/Fools Afloat or All the Drips at Sea (#1.25)" (1960) ... Production Company
  10. "Rocky and His Friends: Down to Earth or the Bullwinkle Bounce/Fall Story or Adrift in the Lift (#1.24)" (1960) ... Production Company
  11. "Rocky and His Friends: Calaboose Moose or The Crime of Your Life/When a Felon Needs a Friend or Pantomime Quisling (#1.22)" (1960) ... Production Company
  12. "Rocky and His Friends: Give 'Em the Works or Rocky Around the Clock/Crime on My Hands or Hickory Dickory Drop (#1.23)" (1960) ... Production Company
  13. "Rocky and His Friends: Box Top Robbery/A Fault in the Vault or Banks a Million (#1.21)" (1960) ... Production Company
  14. "Rocky and His Friends: The Boundary Bounders or Some Like It Shot/The Washington Whirl or Rocky Off the Record (#1.20)" (1960) ... Production Company
  15. "Rocky and His Friends: Fuels Rush in or The Star-Spangled Boner/The Pottsylvania Permanent or I've Grown Accustomed to the Place (#1.19)" (1960) ... Production Company
  16. "Rocky and His Friends: The Snowman Cometh or An Icicle Built for Two/The Moonman Is Blue or The Inside Story (#1.18)" (1960) ... Production Company
  17. "Rocky and His Friends: Avalanche Is Better Than None or Snows Your Old Man/Below Zero Heroes or I Only Have Ice for You (#1.17)" (1960) ... Production Company
  18. "Rocky and His Friends: Boris Burgles Again or Sinner Take All/Danger Ahead or Watch Out for Falling Rockys (#1.16)" (1960) ... Production Company
  19. "Rocky and His Friends: The Pen-Pals or Rock Hocky Rocky/The Fright-Seeing Trip or Visit to a Small Panic (#1.15)" (1960) ... Production Company
  20. "Rocky and His Friends: Dancing on Air or The Pottsylvania Polka/Axe Me Another or Heads You Lose! (#1.14)" (1960) ... Production Company
  21. "Rocky and His Friends: Bullwinkle Makes a Hit or I Get a Bang Out of You/Three on an Island or Tell It to the Maroons (#1.13)" (1960) ... Production Company
  22. "Rocky and His Friends: The Deep Six or The Old Moose and the Sea/The Slippery Helm or Captain's Outrageous (#1.12)" (1960) ... Production Company
  23. "Rocky and His Friends: The Earl & the Squirrel or The March of Crime/Adrift in the Mist or Fog Groggy (#1.11)" (1960) ... Production Company
  24. "Rocky and His Friends: Cheerful Little Pierful or Bomb Voyage/Summer Squash or He's Too Flat for Me (#1.10)" (1960) ... Production Company
  25. "Rocky and His Friends: Two for the Ripsaw... or Goodbye, Mr. Chips/Farewell, My Ugly or Knots to You (#1.9)" (1960) ... Production Company
  26. "Rocky and His Friends: The Inspector-Detector or A Kick in the Plants/Canoes Who? or Look Before You Leak (#1.8)" (1960) ... Production Company
  27. "Rocky and His Friends: The Back-seat Divers or Mashed Landing/Bullwinkle's Water Follies or Antlers Aweigh (#1.7)" (1959) ... Production Company
  28. "Rocky and His Friends: A Creep in the Deep or Will Success Spoil Boris Badenov?/Ace Is Wild or The Flying Casket (#1.6)" (1959) ... Production Company
  29. "Rocky and His Friends: The Bars and Stripes Forever/Hello Out There! or There's No Place Like Space (#1.5)" (1959) ... Production Company
  30. "Rocky and His Friends: Rocky's Dilemma or A Squirrel in a Stew/The Submarine Squirrel or 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea (#1.4)" (1959) ... Production Company
  31. "Rocky and His Friends: The Scrooched Moose/Monitored Moose or The Carbon Copy-Cats (#1.3)" (1959) ... Production Company
  32. "Rocky and His Friends: Bullseye Bullwinkle or Destination Moose/Squeeze Play or Invitation to the Trance (#1.2)" (1959) ... Production Company
  33. "Rocky and His Friends: Jet Fuel Formula/Bullwinkle's Ride or Goodbye, Dollink (#1.1)" (1959) ... Production Company

Filmography as: Production Company, Distributor

Distributor - filmography

  1. "Hoppity Hooper" (1964) ... Distributor
  2. "Fractured Flickers" (1963) ... Distributor
  3. "The Bullwinkle Show" (1961) ... Distributor
  4. "Rocky and His Friends" (1959) ... Distributor