Biggest Reveals From the "Game of Thrones" Panel

by IMDb-Editors | last updated - 25 Jul 2016

Season 7 is delayed, but we went to the Comic-Con "Game of Thrones" panel to find out what will happen when winter finally comes. — Melissa Roth

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David Benioff and D.B. Weiss at an event for Game of Thrones (2011)

The next books and seasons in the series will be very different ...

... in some respects and the same in others, said executive producer David Benioff, who added, "But hopefully both the books and the series will be very surprising." Benioff explained that one of the great things about writing a fantasy series is that "you are not bound to what actually happened. We can relive every awful thing that’s happened in the world."

Sophie Turner

Sansa Stark doesn't think Jon Snow is ready for the throne ... at least not alone.

Sophie Turner doesn't have much faith in her character's brother. She revealed, "I think she believed it was probably more of a joint effort in terms of the Battle of the Bastards. She thinks they should be King and Queen of the North. I’m not sure she thinks Jon is capable of running Winterfell and the North. She doesn’t think he has the intellect, the knowledge, and the experience that she has, and I concur.”

Isaac Hempstead Wright

Bran Stark's flashback was given to him for a reason.

Isaac Hemptstead Wright, who started acting on the series at age 11, talked about his character Bran Stark's flashback vision at the end of the Season 6 finale: "Bran knows he’s been shown this information for a reason." As for who should take the Iron Throne? He offered, "I think we should have a four-pronged Stark dream team ... with Bran just sitting in the corner with a tree."

Iwan Rheon in Game of Thrones (2011)

Ramsay Bolton is not your simple psychopath.

Iwan Rheon, who plays the sadistic Ramsay Bolton, tried to explain his character's complexities: "He's had a tough upbringing. [Being] a bastard in the North is always difficult. He's looking for his father’s love and recognition."

Offing him may not be the best way to earn it, but again, he's not your run of the mill psychopath.

Nathalie Emmanuel in Game of Thrones (2011)

Missandei and Daenerys could become a power couple.

Nathalie Emmanuel sees her character, Missandei, as "genuinely believing in Daenerys and her claim." She went further, "Daenerys has saved her life and liberated her and acknowledged her brilliance. These are two women who respect and lift each other up. It’s a really sweet friendship. So, I hope that Missandei continues to support Daenerys and they continue to be this girl power couple."

Miguel Sapochnik in Repo Men (2010)

The "Battle of the Bastards" required 257 bodies.

Miguel Sapochnik, who directed the "Battle of the Bastards" episode, said that they originally planned to run the horses at the people, but the horses didn’t like it. He also had to direct the 257 bodies that made up the final pile. He revealed, "On the battlefield, when everybody dies, they become a pile of bodies, and it gets in the way. You get stuck between piles of bodies and get picked off, which seems horrible."

Liam Cunningham

Davos sees a White Walker taking the throne.

Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth) lamented that the writers keep killing off the people he loves working with. As for who might be left to take the Iron Throne in the end, he commented, "Knowing the deranged minds we’re dealing with on this show, I have an image of a White Walker sitting on the Iron Throne ... The Night King with a leg over an arm smoking a Cuban cigar.”

Sophie Turner

Jon Snow and Sansa could now become a couple?

As a fan pointed out, if Jon Snow and Sansa aren't really brother and sister, could they ... get together? Sophie Turner responded, "Ooh ... let's get the party started," before turning to the exec producers. "Dave and Dan," she declared, "If you make anything happen, I'll kill you."

Isaac Hempstead Wright and Kristian Nairn at an event for Game of Thrones (2011)

Hodor has something to say.

Kristian Nairn, who plays gentle giant Hodor, earned the biggest cheers when he took his place on the panel. He acknowledged that the reaction to his Season 6 storyline was overwhelming. "I apologize for making you cry," he told the crowd as they chanted "Ho-dor." When asked what his first word would be if he could speak to Bran, Nairn responded, "It would definitely be 'no'."

John Bradley

John Bradley is rooting for Jon Snow.

John Bradley (Samwell Tarly) was reluctant to share his wish fulfillment for who could end up in the throne: “It’s hard. What if I’m right? Someone flashes back to this, and JB spoils it all." But if he had to choose? Well, he confessed, "Just out of pure loyalty, I’d say… Jon. Just because that means I may be there until the end.”

Gwendoline Christie in Game of Thrones (2011)

Fans are rooting for Brienne of Tarth.

The biggest cheers from the panel came in response to Kristian Nairn's response to who should take the throne: "I think Westeros for once deserves someone with honor and integrity, and I think Brienne would make the best." Unfortunately, Gwendoline Christie wasn't there to hear the endorsement.