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Margaret Vosper (Character)
from "Poldark" (1975)

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"Poldark: Episode #1.6" (1975)
Margaret: [Approacing Francis after he makes conspicuous eye contact with her] Francis, how are you?
Francis Poldark: Margaret, I must see you.
Margaret: Well, here I am!
Francis Poldark: [Referring to a proposed sexual encounter] No, no, no, no, you know what I mean.
Margaret: Why, no, Francis, I don't think I do.
Francis Poldark: Please, not so loud.
Margaret: I'm a respectable married lady nowadays.
Francis Poldark: [Mockingly] What, you respectable?
[laughs derisively]
Margaret: Too respectable to be seen with a drunken banker like you.
Francis Poldark: Margaret... I'm sorry.
Margaret: What is it you want to say to me, Francis?
Francis Poldark: Margaret, you and I enjoyed each other's company in the past
Margaret: Oh, no, my dear!. You might have had. I didn't.
Francis Poldark: Oh, yes, of course, in your profession, you are obliged to put up with it as long as there is payment.
Margaret: Francis, I've had a great deal of men coming to tell me their troubles. Yes, I've received a reward for listenin'. Some of them told me before, some of them told me later, but you, dear Francis, you would tell me during, and that is my definition of a bore.

"Poldark: Episode #1.2" (1975)
Margaret: [Opening scene. Poldark and Margaret have apparently had sex] When shall I see you again, Captain?
Ross Poldark: [Detached] When the spirit moves me, Margaret.