Tommy Ballenger
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Tommy Ballenger (Character)
from The Trip (2002)

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The Trip (2002)
Beverly: So, Alan tells me you're a homosexual.
Tommy Ballenger: Only because there was nothing good on television.
Beverly: Well, I just find it so intriguing.
Tommy Ballenger: Not always, Liberace for example.
Beverly: Liberace is a homosexual?
Tommy Ballenger: Sadly, yes.

Tommy Ballenger: So what do you two have planned on the menu, a menage-a-trois?
Beverly: Oh, no. Alan hates French food.

Tommy Ballenger: Did you take the little bus to school?

Tommy Ballenger: So what made you want to become a writer?
Alan Oakley: It's always been my dream since a child. When did you first realize you were gay?
Tommy Ballenger: It's always been my dream since a child.

Tommy Ballenger: [to a reporter] I'd like to make a deal with the Anita Bryant people. You stop telling lies about us and we'll stop telling the truth about you.

Tommy Ballenger: What part of fuck off, drop dead, go to Hell, you're not getting a Christmas card did you not understand, hmm?

Tommy Ballenger: What do you want?
Alan Oakley: I want to say I'm sorry.
Tommy Ballenger: Absolution granted, go with God. We're done.

Ted Oakley: So how do the two of you know each other?
Alan Oakley: Umm...the young republicans club.
Tommy Ballenger: Ya, I just love Dick.
Alan Oakley: [proceeds to spray his coffee over the kitchen table, recovers] Ah! Too much sugar!