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Quotes for
Max Taylor (Character)
from "Smallville" (2001)

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"Smallville: Delete (#3.11)" (2004)
Chloe Sullivan: Blacklisted before I even graduate. That's gotta be a record.
Max Taylor: I don't know who you ticked off around here, but you sure ruffled some feathers.
Chloe Sullivan: I have enemies in high places.

Max Taylor: Seriously, if there's anything I can ever do...
Chloe Sullivan: [offering him a computer disk] Actually, um... it's just a few stories I've been working on. I would love for you to take a look at them.
Max Taylor: Chloe, I couldn't print your name in the classifieds right now without catching hell.
Chloe Sullivan: Well, what about a pseudonym?
[scribbling down a note]
Chloe Sullivan: She's my cousin. She won't mind at all. She's not interested in journalism.
Max Taylor: [reading the note] Lois Lane?