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Quotes for
LaVar 'Freight Train' Brown (Character)
from "The Cleveland Show" (2009)

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"The Cleveland Show: You're the Best Man, Cleveland Brown (#1.21)" (2010)
Cleveland Brown: [to Freight Train] Are you asking me to be your best man?
LeVar 'Freight Train' Brown: Not if you're gonna be a crying little piss-pants about it.
Cleveland Brown: I'm crying because I peed my pants.

Cleveland Brown: Mom's gonna catch a bus in 15 minutes.
LeVar 'Freight Train' Brown: Aw, hell, no. She's gonna be riding on the Freight Train. I'm gonna tear your mama up.
Cleveland Brown: What's up with you and Mom talking to your child that way? Both of you.

"The Cleveland Show: A Short Story and a Tall Tale (#2.13)" (2011)
LeVar 'Freight Train' Brown: You know, Stanley from The Office looks like our fat son. I hate this show now.

"The Cleveland Show: A Brown Thanksgiving (#1.7)" (2009)
Cleveland Brown: Dad, you came here with Mom. Show the woman a little respect.
LeVar 'Freight Train' Brown: Your mama ain't a woman. You're more of a woman than she is. Your boobs are bigger, your ass is rounder and your moustache ain't as thick.

"The Cleveland Show: Murray Christmas (#2.8)" (2010)
LeVar 'Freight Train' Brown: [showing a picture of him, Cookie and a young Cleveland to Cleveland Jr] Christmas 1975. Look at your grandma. Wasn't she beautiful? We had sex right after that picture was taken. Didn't we, Cookie?
Evelyn 'Cookie' Brown: Did we?
LeVar 'Freight Train' Brown: Yes, you did. I dressed up like Santa Claus and left a present in her chimney.
Cleveland Brown Jr.: I have very mixed feelings about your visits.