Maria Altmann
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Maria Altmann (Character)
from Woman in Gold (2015)

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Woman in Gold (2015)
Maria Altmann: My sister, Louise-I truly loved her, but truth is, we were always competitive. If life is a race, you beat me to the finish. But if life is a boxing match, I'm the last one standing.

Maria Altmann: I was expecting you at 6, but it's 10 past!

Maria Altmann: My sister finally moves in with me. The problem is, she finally decides to do it when she's dead.

Maria Altmann: I have to do what I can to keep these memories alive, because people forget-especially the young.

Maria Altmann: A week ago you weren't even interested and now you're all over me like a rash. What happened?
Randol Schoenberg: Well, against my better judgment, I think I like you.

Maria Altmann: I don't know if I have the strength to deal with these people, and I've only been here a day.

Maria Altmann: If I'm going back, I might as well do it in style.

Randol Schoenberg: I could've searched for the file on my own.
Maria Altmann: I wasn't going to miss all the fun. This is like a James Bond film, and you're Sean Connery!

Maria Altmann: Unlike Lot's wife, I never looked back.

Maria Altmann: They're hoping to drag it out until I die? Well, I will do them the favor of hanging around.

Randol Schoenberg: It's hard to believe Hitler once applied to be an art student here.
Maria Altmann: I wish they'd have accepted him.

Maria Altmann: Restitution-the return of something to its original state... At the very least, we should be reunited with what is rightfully ours.
Woman in Crowd: I would like to return to my original state!

Maria Altmann: They'll never admit to what they did, because if they admit to one thing, they'll have to admit to it all.

Maria Altmann: We did everything we could and that's what matters. The past is the past and now we must let it go.

Randol Schoenberg: You could buy a new bungalow... buy anything you want!
Maria Altmann: I'd like a new dishwasher.

Maria Altmann: I have decided to allow the paintings to remain on display... if you agree to admit they were obtained illegally.

Maria Altmann: We didn't come here to eat cake.

Maria Altmann: [to Hubertus as Randy is about to speak before the Austrian arbitration committee] The first time I came for myself. This time I came for him.

Gustav Bloch-Bauer: And now... as you go... I ask you only one thing... my liebling.
Young Maria Altmann: What is it, papa?
Gustav Bloch-Bauer: Remember us.