Jessie 'Ears'
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Jessie 'Ears' (Character)
from Blast (2000)

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Blast (2000)
Jessie 'Ears': Fuck off, fuck all you guys, FUCK!

Sheriff: Here ya go.
[the sheriff gives Ears a hot dog]
Jessie 'Ears': [Quietly] Thanks.
Sheriff: You know every time you order a hot dog with Sauerkraut on it theirs something going on.
Sheriff: What is it this time?
Jessie 'Ears': Why are people so stupid? I mean no one ever does what you think their gonna do, then they end up dumping on you. Does that ever happen to you?
Sheriff: Every day. Gettin' dumped on what they pay me for.
Jessie 'Ears': Wish I was old enough to get out of this place. I'm sick of hanging around with a bunch of immature brats.
Sheriff: Oh, honey. Don't grow up so darn fast. I know you think your ready to hit the road once you have to understand that when you start makin' those kind of choices you can't ever stop.
Jessie 'Ears': But it's different now Dad. It's not like when your were a kid.
Sheriff: No, every kid thinks that, every kid thinks, that when something happens to them its the first time that it's ever happened to anybody. But I guarantee ya there was some kid in Roman Empire that felt exactly they way your felling right now.
Jessie 'Ears': So me getting dumped on isn't anything new either. Alright I'm gonna go.
Sheriff: OK.
Jessie 'Ears': Thanks.
Sheriff: Hm-hm.
[Ears kisser her dad on the cheek]
Sheriff: Listen, don't be late for supper.
Jessie 'Ears': OK, I won't.