Mary Bee Cuddy
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Mary Bee Cuddy (Character)
from The Homesman (2014)

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The Homesman (2014)
Reverend Dowd: I can help you with them dishes.
Mary Bee Cuddy: I don't want any help with the dishes.

[first lines]
Mary Bee Cuddy: [prodding plow horses] Come on, girls.

Mary Bee Cuddy: You are a poor specimen of a man, Vester Belknap!

George Briggs: Are you an angel?
Mary Bee Cuddy: You're not dead.
George Briggs: Help me. Will you help me? For God's sake.

Mary Bee Cuddy: Why not marry?
Bob Giffin: Miss Cuddy, I appreciate the offer, and the supper, the concert and all. But I cannot marry you. Will not, won't. I ain't perfect, but you are too bossy. And too damn plain!

Mary Bee Cuddy: I live uncommonly alone.

Mary Bee Cuddy: I will not sit still for profanity in my house.
George Briggs: I can see why you're single.

Mary Bee Cuddy: Swear to that almighty God you been talking about.
George Briggs: Uh... Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord. And bringing in sheaves. And do unto others. And if you cut me down from this Goddamn tree, I'll do anything you tell me to on God's holy name.
Mary Bee Cuddy: All right, I'll save you. I got a job of work for you.

Mary Bee Cuddy: If you lied to me, and intend on abandoning your responsibility, then you are a man of low character, more disgusting pig than honorable man.
George Briggs: Thank you for the kind words, sister. You're no prize yourself. You're plain as an old tin pail and you're bossy.

Mary Bee Cuddy: What do they want?
George Briggs: Whatever we got. If they think we're worth the trouble, we're dead. Something happens to me, you get in the wagon. You shoot the women in the head then shoot yourself.

George Briggs: Now, if you don't mind me asking you, where the hell is my goddamn bed?
Mary Bee Cuddy: In the stable, where you belong.

Mary Bee Cuddy: Perhaps you don't realize what a grand thing you're doing taking these poor, helpless women home. If you don't, I assure you, I do. This might be the finest, most generous act of your life.

George Briggs: You lost one horse, Cuddy, here's you another one.
Mary Bee Cuddy: Where'd you get this horse?
George Briggs: A man let us have him.
Mary Bee Cuddy: Why would he do that?
George Briggs: 'Cause he was dead. Miss Sours shot 'im.