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Quotes for
Mark (Character)
from "Cold Squad" (1998)

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"Cold Squad: Girlfriend in a Closet (#7.7)" (2004)
Mark: It's OK, I know what she looks like.
Sgt. Ali McCormick: Must make you mad, knowing that her killer's walking around a free man.
Mark: What makes me mad is you haven't done you're job.
Sgt. Ali McCormick: We're trying. Where were you last night, Mark?
Mark: What's this about?
Sgt. Ali McCormick: Just where were you, that's all.
Mark: Walton Video. The shift from 6:00 to 12:00.
Sgt. Ali McCormick: 6:00 to 12:00? Didn't step out for a minute?
Mark: No.
Sgt. Ali McCormick: You know where Steve Baker lives, don't you? Someone tried to kill him last night.
Mark: So you think that was me?
Sgt. Ali McCormick: We can clear this up pretty quickly. What kind of car do you drive?
Mark: An Accord.
Sgt. Ali McCormick: What year?
Mark: I don't know. '94 I think.
Sgt. Ali McCormick: Original tires? The guy who took a shot at Steve was driving a Honda Accord.
Mark: Well, gee, that leaves me and half the city as suspects. You want to have a look at my car, be my guest.
Sgt. Ali McCormick: OK. Go on.
[she motions for Mark to leave]

Mark: You've go 2 minutes. Grab whatever shit you want.
Thora Andrews: What are we gonna...
Mark: I *said* grab some shit!

Mark: I thought you said you hated the son of a bitch anyhow?
Thora Andrews: My dad, yeah. Still never wanted to see him get arrested.
Mark: They'll go easy on him.
Mark: And Steve? He didn't deserve...
Thora Andrews: And Steve? He didn't deserve...
Mark: You see why you've gotta sit tight? It comes out now you're alive, who's going to be the big bad villain? It's gonna be you Throra.
Mark: [the computer beeps and says "You've Got Mail", Mark goes over to it and presses a button] What did you do?
Thora Andrews: I don't know what you're talking about.
Mark: Lenn Harper, Vancouver Police. What the hell is this?
Thora Andrews: Steve is innocent, all right? I couldn't just say nothing.
Mark: You said nothing for three years.
Thora Andrews: He never got arrested, I didn't have to.
Mark: So now you figured you did?
Thora Andrews: He didn't do nothing wrong.
Mark: Maybe not, but you sure the hell did. What do you think there gonna do to me huh? What do you think? Statutory rape? Huh? Kidnapping? What do you think is gonna happen to me?
Thora Andrews: I'll just tell them it was my idea.
Mark: Something tells me they're not gonna believe that. You got two minutes.