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Quotes for
Marie (Character)
from The AristoCats (1970)

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The AristoCats (1970)
Marie: Ladies don't start fights, but they can finish them!

Thomas O'Malley: Why, your eyes are like sapphires sparkling so bright. They make the morning radiant and light.
Marie: How romantic.
Berlioz the Kitten: Sissy stuff.
Duchess: Oh, c'est très jolie, monsieur. Very poetic. But it is not quite Shakespeare.
Thomas O'Malley: 'Course not. That's pure O'Malley, baby. Right off the cuff. Yeah. I got a million of 'em.

Marie: Me first! Me first!
Toulouse the Orange Kitten: Why should you be first?
Marie: Because I'm a lady. That's why.
Toulouse the Orange Kitten: Oh, you're not a lady.
Berlioz the Kitten: You're nothing but a sister!

Marie: [Sitting on the piano] I'm ready, Maestro.
[Berlioz slides on the keys, and Marie's tail is pinched]
Marie: Ow! Mama, he did it again!
Berlioz the Kitten: Tattletale.

Abigail Gabble: Your husband is very charming and very handsome.
Thomas O'Malley: Well, you see, I'm not exactly her husband.
Amelia Gabble: Exactly? Either you are or you're not.
Thomas O'Malley: All right. I'm not.
Abigail Gabble, Amelia Gabble: Oh?
Amelia Gabble: He's scandalous.
Abigail Gabble: Indeed
Amelia Gabble: He's absolutely positively a reprobate.
Abigail Gabble: A roue.
Amelia Gabble: His eyes are too close together.
Abigail Gabble: Very shifty, too.
Amelia Gabble: And look at his crooked smile!
Abigail Gabble: His chin is very weak, too.
Amelia Gabble: Obviously a philanderer who triffles with unsuspecting women's hearts.
Marie: How romantic.