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Norbert (Character)
from The Favour, the Watch and the Very Big Fish (1991)

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The Favour, the Watch and the Very Big Fish (1991)
Pianist: I've done miracles for your business and if you can't appreciate that then I can go elsewhere.
Norbert: Three hundred and fifty.
Pianist: No.
Norbert: Four hundred. And that's it!
Pianist: Plus travel expenses.
Norbert: But you walk here!
Pianist: I walk expensively.

Norbert: I don't think your friend will shave his beard.
Louis Aubinard: Why not?
Norbert: [whips around] Because he tried to wash my feet!
Louis Aubinard: Maybe he was trying to tell you something...

Norbert: What's your name?
Pianist: Franz Schubert. S-C-H... bert.

Norbert: [toasting] Praise be to the Lord.
Norbert: Could we please leave him out of it?

Pianist: I've worked miracle for your business, and if you can't appreciate that I can go else where.
Norbert: 350.
Pianist: No.
Norbert: 400, and that's it.
Pianist: Plus travel expenses.
[starts walking away]
Norbert: But you walk here.
Pianist: I walk expensively.