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Mike Bailey (Character)
from Rainbow (1995)

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Rainbow (1995)
Sam Cohen: I could've got this wrong, you know it already been too late.
Pete: All for nothing.
Mike Bailey: No, it's not too late. It came to me before. I can find a rainbow
Jackie Bailey: What do you mean, Mikey?
Mike Bailey: We been too scientific. We lost the magic.
Sam Cohen: You didn't make any sense.
Jackie Bailey: Yeah, he has.

Frank Bailey: Now, tell me what you wanna tell me, come on.
Mike Bailey: You see, I seen a rainbow. I mean not just any rainbow. I saw it land, like right in front of me. See, you don't believe me either, do you?
Frank Bailey: What do you mean I don't believe you? Of course I believe you. Listen, Mikey, i'm talking about you. If everybody doesn't believe you, or if everybody doesn't like you, either blind, or they got bad tasted people, we all dreamed about the end of the rainbow. And you're the only guy in the world who found it!
Mike Bailey: What, do you think I'll ever see it again?
Frank Bailey: Why sure. But you gotta go out and find it, it's not gonna come to you. You gotta go out and chase the damn rainbow. Listen Mikey, don't just dream the dream. Be the dream.

Sheriff Wyatt Hampton: A Rainbow? And you ride it through the clouds over thousand miles? Oh sure you did, kid!
Mike Bailey: But it's true.
Sheriff Wyatt Hampton: I suppose you found a pot of gold at the end of it, right?