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Gaspard (Character)
from L'oiseau rare (2001) (TV)

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Paris, je t'aime (2006)
Gaspard: [in French] Haven't we met? I'm sure I know you. Where do you live? I'm in the 17th. Maybe I've seen you around. You don't talk much. I'm not sure, but... I feel like I've seen you before. You look like a mystical guy. Really, you have a very special aura. You believe in spirits? I'm way into that stuff. Maybe we met in a past lifetime.
Elie: [in French] Light?
Gaspard: [in French] A light.
[lights his cigarette]
Elie: Merci.
Gaspard: It's amazing. As soon as I saw you, I needed to talk. It's like... I don't know. A strong, weird feeling. I thought, if I don't talk to you before I go, I'd be missing out on... something... important. Beautiful. You work in a beautiful place. I didn't want to miss the chance to talk to you. It's dumb, but... Never mind. May I?
[sits down]
Gaspard: You believe in soul mates? Finding your other half? You like jazz? Charlie Parker... and Kurt Cobain. I love him! Whatever. Here's my number. I'd really like to talk with you, if you call me, more seriously and... for longer, especially.
Printer: [in French] What's up?
Elie: I'm not sure, Christian. He gave me this.
Printer: [in French] A phone number?
Elie: I don't know what he was saying. I don't speak French that well. He used a lot of phrases that aren't in my phrase book.
Printer: [in French] Call him and see.
Elie: [takes off running]