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Rick Harris (Character)
from Hollywoodland (2006)

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Hollywoodland (2006)
Chuck: You're not invited, Simo.
Louis Simo: Were you?
Chuck: We're working.
Louis Simo: Why don't you lay off? Mister Harris!
Rick Harris: Hello, Louis.
Louis Simo: You come up from Palos Verdes just to see me?
Rick Harris: I came here to celebrate my friends' anniversary. You've met Mister Mannix.
Louis Simo: No. But we've got people in common. Ain't that right, Eddie?
Eddie Mannix: I've got nothin' in common with you.
Louis Simo: Bernice, the first missus. You like that car crash gimmick, huh?
Eddie Mannix: Rick...
Louis Simo: Riva Watson. She get all clingy? How'd it feel, pounding her face in? Happy times, huh, Ed?
Eddie Mannix: Richard, please.
Louis Simo: George Reeves...
Rick Harris: That's enough, Louis.
Louis Simo: Am I being indiscreet? Bad for business, huh?
Rick Harris: Louis, your problems are your own.
Louis Simo: Ricky, you cover for this prick?
Rick Harris: Whatever you're pursuing here, whatever fantasy... you've constructed will not alter your past.
Louis Simo: You had a bullet put in Reeves' head! He used the studio and the cops -
[Chuck punches him in the stomach]
Louis Simo: You're gonna burn in hell, you sonofabitch!
Eddie Mannix: Come here. You don't know me. You don't know what I think. What I do. I don't let you.
Louis Simo: You're an old man, Eddie. Who's gonna wipe the blood off your hands?
Eddie Mannix: My hands? I'm in the picture business.
Louis Simo: No, you're a murderer.
Eddie Mannix: Prove it. You hear me? Go on, I'm ready. Prove one fuckin' thing.