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James Engelmann (Character)
from Hollywoodland (2006)

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Hollywoodland (2006)
Detective Doug Johnson: The deceased woke up, joined his guests for approximately half an hour, returned to bed. No sign of forced entry or physical struggle. The Luger, found there, on the floor. Heavily oiled, no prints. He kept it in the nightstand. The slug, there.
[Points at the hole in the roof]
Detective Doug Johnson: . And the casing on the bed, underneath the body.
Louis Simo: You want to explain to me how a man can shoot himself and end up on top of the shell?
James Engelman: Is this your strategy, Mister Simo? To impune the laws of physics?
Louis Simo: There are no prints on the gun. What, did he wipe it clean after putting that hole in his head?
Detective Doug Johnson: Fingerprints aren't automatic. Certain conditions have to be present.
Louis Simo: Did you question the people in the house?
Detective Doug Johnson: They all signed sworn statements.
Louis Simo: Forty-five minutes to call the cops, that's plenty of time to come up with some bogus story. But you got sworn statements!
Detective Doug Johnson: Are you accusing me of something?
Louis Simo: Was Reeves checked for powder burns? It's a suicide shot to the temple - where's the burn?
Detective Doug Johnson: When a gun is discharged directly against the ...
Louis Simo: The coroner never checked! He didn't notice the bruises on the body either - which, by the way, aren't automatic, OK? Certain conditions have to be present. Like, maybe a fight with a guy who's about to... cause your expiration.
[Jack Paterson notices two more gunshot holes in the floor]
Louis Simo: Since when do suicides miss twice, lay down a rug, and start over? Is that normal? Just asking.