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Trubel (Character)
from "Grimm" (2011)

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"Grimm: My Fair Wesen (#3.20)" (2014)
Trubel: So you see these wesen things too?
Juliette Silverton: No, I'm not a Grimm.
Trubel: So how do you deal with this?
Juliette Silverton: Deal with what?
Trubel: You know, being married to someone who can see what we do?
Juliette Silverton: Um, we
[Gestures to Nick]
Juliette Silverton: We're not married.
Trubel: Smart. You can get out any time.

Trubel: I've seen one of those.
Nick Burkhardt: Wendigo. Where did you see it?
Trubel: Chicago. Dude picked me up, offered me dinner. Then I found out I was supposed to be the main dish.

Nick Burkhardt: Where do you think you're going?
Trubel: With you; isn't that what I'm supposed to be doing?
Nick Burkhardt: No, this is a crime scene. This might not have anything to do with wesen.
Hank Griffin: Don't I wish.

"Grimm: The Inheritance (#3.21)" (2014)
Trubel: What's up with this key he keeps talking about?
Nick Burkhardt: It's a long story. It has to do with the Crusades and a bunch of knights who were Grimms who fond something they thought no one else should have, so they buried it in the Black Forest and made a bunch of keys that had a map that supposedly leads to where it is. Is that enough?
Trubel: Good enough for now.

"Grimm: Blond Ambition (#3.22)" (2014)
Nick Burkhardt: Want me to order you takeout for tonight?
Trubel: Oh, so you mean I won't cook?
Nick Burkhardt: Is that what you call it? I'm kidding. Sort of.

"Grimm: Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen (#3.19)" (2014)
Trubel: What kind of cops are you, anyway?
Hank Griffin: That's a good question. I wish I had a good answer.