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Quotes for
Henry Oak (Character)
from Narc (2002)

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Narc (2002)
Henry Oak: Come on! Say "fuck you" again!

[Oak has a gun at a hoodlum]
Henry Oak: You asshole! I'll shoot your fuckin' head off!
[the hoodlum starts crying]
Henry Oak: Shut the fuck up!
[getting angrier]

Henry Oak: Man, this is un-fucking-believable.

[Oak speaks with a prostitute working in cold weather]
Henry Oak: Never too cold for pussy.

Henry Oak: It's impossible you're this dumb.

Latroy Steeds: I wanna see my lawyer!
Henry Oak: What did you say?
Latroy Steeds: I wanna see my lawyer.
Henry Oak: There are no lawyers, dumb fuck! It's just me and you, and I am in your shit for the duration!

Henry Oak: Quit fucking picking at it!

Henry Oak: The only thing you need to know about me is that I'm gonna bag the motherfuckers who killed Mike.

Henry Oak: I am so far from fucking with you.

Henry Oak: You two had better get a goddamn grove going right here, 'cause you're in a life and death struggle as of right fucking now!

[discovering that a suspect's trunk is full of guns]
Henry Oak: What, are the brothers throwing a coup?

Henry Oak: You two had better get a goddamn groove going, 'cause you're in a life and death struggle as of right fucking now!

[Oak has just caught Tellis questioning Calvess' wife]
Henry Oak: What the fuck are you doing talking to her without me being here?
Nick Tellis: I brought her husband's things over.
Henry Oak: Yeah, and you questioned her. What for? WHAT FOR?
Nick Tellis: What is this, "mother may I"? You said we were gonna do some of this on our own, right?
Henry Oak: [pointing his finger] Some of this doesn't extend to her! And don't get fucking cute with me!
Nick Tellis: Get your hand outta my face...
Henry Oak: If you need to know what she said about anything case-related, you refer to the file!
Nick Tellis: Yeah, I looked at the files, they're thin!
Henry Oak: What you don't fucking do is talk to her without notifying me in advance! That's not the way we do things!
Nick Tellis: Why's that? What's the problem with me speaking to her?
Henry Oak: Because... the problem is every fucking question you asked her she's already answered! She's been badgered and bothered by cops and cop questions for two fucking months now, and the biggest fucking problem is her husband... is fucking... dead!

Henry Oak: I remember one night. I went with the sheriffs on a warrant raid. This dipshit was selling meth out of his apartment. Just a stop-and-pop. Broke down the door, rousted the guy. I was in one of the back rooms looking for junk when I hear something. I turn around and see these... eyes staring at me from a closet. It was a little girl. A little ten year old girl. Naked. Shaking like a leaf; she was scared to death. Her stepfather was pimping her out for rent. I wrapped her in my coat, carried her out to the squad car. I went back... and I beat that motherfucker half to death.

Henry Oak: A little girl being brutalized... a little girl being abused has got nothing to do with the rules and regulations and everything to do with right and wrong.

[last lines]
Henry Oak: [crying] Oh, my God, Mike, I'm sorry. Oh, my God, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Henry Oak: You're fucking in America, speaking English.

Henry Oak: [to Tellis] You must be out of your fucking mind! You call up my integrity? My commitment to that kid?