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Commander Neal Owynn (Character)
from In Harm's Way (1965)

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In Harm's Way (1965)
Commander Egan Powell: Gottlieb! Tuthill!
[as Gottlieb and Tuthill leave the washroom, Powell takes out a quarter, tosses it, and covers it on his arm]
Captain Paul Eddington: Heads.
Commander Egan Powell: [uncovers the quarter and inspects it, laughing] Good-bye, Commander! Enjoy it!
Cmdr. Neal Owynn: Now what do you suppose he meant by that?
Captain Paul Eddington: Well, aren't you going with Broderick?
Cmdr. Neal Owynn: Why, no, I...
Captain Paul Eddington: I think you are.
Cmdr. Neal Owynn: Now wait a m...
Captain Paul Eddington: [slaps Owynne backhanded] Now I don't care how you do it, but you'd better be on that plane with Broderick - unless you want to be buried on the island of Gavabutu.
Cmdr. Neal Owynn: You can't do that to m...
Captain Paul Eddington: [forehand slap] I *am* doing it. We've got a job here, and neither you nor Broderick nor anybody else is going to screw it up. Understand?
[Another forehand slap]
Captain Paul Eddington: Hmm? And take this punk with you.
Cmdr. Neal Owynn: I'll have him court-martialled - striking a fellow officer. And you saw it! I didn't hit him back.
[looks at his cut lip in a hand mirror]
Ensign Jere Torrey: I didn't see anything!
Cmdr. Neal Owynn: What do you mean, you didn't see anything?
Ensign Jere Torrey: As far as I'm concerned, a coconut fell through the roof and hit you in the mouth. So you better figure out some excuse to get us on that plane with Broderick.
Cmdr. Neal Owynn: How'd you like to be transferred back to PT Boats, fella? 'Cause one word from me to Broderick and you're on your way!
Ensign Jere Torrey: Say the word!
[exit, leaving Owynne to look at his cut lip again]