Chief Brady
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Chief Brady (Character)
from "Castle" (2009)

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"Castle: Murder He Wrote (#5.4)" (2012)
Kate Beckett: We should interrogate Natalia Roosevelt.
Chief Brady: Oh, I already spoke to her. She has no motive for killing Franklin.
Kate Beckett: And did you ask her about being his mistress?
Chief Brady: [stunned] No. She didn't mention that.
Richard Castle: Yeah, suspects tend to hold back on stuff like that.

[Chief Brady is taking Castle's statement; he doesn't know Beckett is a cop, and she doesn't want word of their relationship leaking back to the precinct]
Chief Brady: Were you here as well, ma'am?
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Chief Brady: Name, please?
Kate Beckett: Um, Katherine Beckett. But do you think we could keep that out of the public record?
Chief Brady: Of course.
Kate Beckett: Not that we're doing anything wrong. I just...
Chief Brady: Right.
Kate Beckett: What's that supposed to mean?
Chief Brady: Don't worry, it's the Hamptons. We'll be discreet. We're... we're not interested in your arrangement.
Kate Beckett: Arrangement?
Richard Castle: Chief... chief, uh... I'm... I'm not... I don't... she's not a...
Kate Beckett: I'm not a prostitute.
Chief Brady: Oh, I'm sure.

Richard Castle: That's why no one heard the shots. He was shot off a boat, "Godfather" style.
Kate Beckett: And the salt water slowed down his bleeding, giving him enough time to make it to shore.
Chief Brady: So, what, we should try and figure out which boats were in the vicinity at that time?
Kate Beckett: Yeah. So, do we have a witness who we know was on the beach last night?
Richard Castle: You mean someone like our favorite meth addict. MCMURRAY!
[in his cell, McMurray jerks awake]
Chief Brady: Seriously? The guy was whacked out on meth.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't remember what he saw.