Uncle Joe
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Uncle Joe (Character)
from Greedy (1994)

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Greedy (1994)
Uncle Joe: So you're interested in money, huh?
Joe: Aha. Made ten bucks just coming here.
[Uncle Joe frowns]
Joe: I get another twenty if I kiss ya.
Joe: I'm thinkin' about it.

Uncle Joe: You can go dance the hully gully for all I care!

Uncle Joe: Where are my presents? I like presents, especially from people who love me.
Joe: And who would that be?

Uncle Joe: [been lowered into a pool by a crane] I feel like a goddamn teabag!

Patti: How the hell do you lose twenty five million dollars?
Uncle Joe: It's easier than you think.

Uncle Joe: Where's my special boy?Where's Uncle Joe's special boy?.
Little Carl: Here I am Uncle Joe.
Uncle Joe: Carl get in touch with reality.

Uncle Joe: [referring to his doctor laid dead] He used to brag to me how he got up every morning at five am to play racketball at 71 years old.You don't hear him bragging now.

Uncle Joe: [challenging Daniel] C'mon out here in the deep end,show that girlfriend of yours what you're made of.
Daniel McTeague: Oh definitely.I'm gonna beat up an elderly crippled man,and she's gonna say "my what a catch".

Daniel McTeague: You're not broke are you Uncle Joe?
Uncle Joe: I'm richer than shit.