John Alden
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John Alden (Character)
from "Salem" (2014)

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"Salem: Til Death Do Us Part (#2.10)" (2015)
John: You are you?
John Alden: I'm John. Your Father.

"Salem: The Red Rose and the Briar (#1.6)" (2014)
John Alden: I thought you said Saturn would compel her to speak the truth.
Cotton Mather: It did.
John Alden: What truth? I heard only riddles.
Cotton Mather: Sometimes the truth is a riddle.

"Salem: Children, Be Afraid (#1.9)" (2014)
Anne Hale: The children are frightened, Captain. Another hung today and not an inkling who's to be next. They're unsure who to fear more - witches or those who pursue them.
John Alden: Well, who can blame them?