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Quotes for
John Ellis (Character)
from Ghost World (2001)

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Ghost World (2001)
John Ellis: Well, well, well. If it isn't Enid and Rebecca. The little Jewish girl and her Aryan friend.
Enid: You're late, asshole.
John Ellis: Fine, and how are you?
Enid: Did you bring the tape?
[he shows her the videotape but pulls it away when she tries to take it]
John Ellis: You never paid me for that tape with the Indian dance routine.
Enid: Yes, I did.
John Ellis: You Jews are so clever with money.
Enid: [snatching the tape off him] Fuck you, you stupid redneck hick.

John Ellis: [noticing Enid's green hair and leather jacket] Oh my God, didn't they tell you?
Enid: Tell me what?
John Ellis: Punk rock is over.
Enid: I know it's over, asshole, I'm not even...
John Ellis: You really want to fuck up the system? Go to business school. That's what I'm going to do. Get a job in some big corporation and, like, fuck things up from the inside.
Enid: You know, I'm not even trying...
John Ellis: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. Hey, do you have my money?
[she pulls a dollar bill out of her pocket, scrunches it up and throws it at him. It bounces off his face]
John Ellis: Oh! Oh, how punk!
Enid: You know, that tape sucked by the way.
John Ellis: Oh, I'm so sorry if it offended Jew.
Enid: Go die, asshole!
John Ellis: Get a job.
Enid: God! Fuck you!
Rebecca: Can we go now?
Enid: You know, it's not like I'm some modern punk, dickhead! It's obviously a 1977 original punk rock look, but I guess Johnny Fuckface over there is too stupid to realize it!
Rebecca: I didn't really get it either.
Enid: Everyone's too stupid!