Senator Ross Garrison
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Senator Ross Garrison (Character)
from "Person of Interest" (2011)

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"Person of Interest: A House Divided (#3.22)" (2014)
Control: You want me to help Greer, the man who stole Samaritan from me?
Senator Ross Garrison: Let's put your ego aside for a moment, shall we?
Control: Ross, I know that Samaritan is an excellent plan B. I just don't like having to pay for something that belongs to me in the first place.

John Greer: Samaritan is not for sale, Senator. Decima will retain ownership. We will provide you the critical information.
Senator Ross Garrison: You want me to give a private corporation access to the government feeds, to 300 million Americans; just so you can sell the information back to us?
John Greer: Samaritan is far superior to your last endeavor. It'll answer all your questions, it won't create riddles. There'll be no numbers to sort through. No uncertainties about culpability. Just pure unfettered information.
Senator Ross Garrison: Why would we agree to that? If we don't own the system, what exactly do we get?
John Greer: Plausible deniability. Samaritan is privately owned by a third party, one that can shoulder the blame for your next civil liberties scandal.
Senator Ross Garrison: And if I say no?
John Greer: hose are my terms, Senator. You must ask yourself this. Do you wanna prevent acts of terror or do you wanna stay in the dark and watch your country burn?

John Greer: Quite the winter we're having.
Senator Ross Garrison: I don't suppose you're here to sell me on global climate change.
John Greer: Hmm. It would be nice if we could prepare for the future instead of trying to clean up after the past.
Senator Ross Garrison: I'm meeting with the president's intelligence adviser today.
John Greer: Use the beta test results to convince them. Samaritan is a sleeping giant. We need those feeds to awaken it.

"Person of Interest: Deus Ex Machina (#3.23)" (2014)
Senator Ross Garrison: I told you, I had nothing to do with the development of Northern Lights. Damn thing was up and running when I was read in. I just got stuck with cleaning up the mess.
Peter Collier: Hardly seems fair that your life should be in danger for someone else's misdeeds. So if you're not the guy, who is?
[Garrison tries, and fails, to avoid glancing at Control]
Peter Collier: It never was a guy that was in control, was it? You may step down, Senator. You care to join us, ma'am?
John Greer: [Whispers to Harold] Well, this should be fun.

Peter Collier: Senator, you've denied any knowledge of Northern Lights, yet your name appears in these documents some 37 times.
Senator Ross Garrison: Maybe you shouldn't believe everything you read on the Internet.

"Person of Interest: YHWH (#4.22)" (2015)
Control: After the Vilgilance attack, we handed the feeds to Greer for Samaritan. After this attack, we'll be under their thumb completely, all of us. Even you.
Senator Ross Garrison: What's the alternative?
Control: Go back to the old machine.
Senator Ross Garrison: Ingram's Machine? The black box so slippery it moved itself to God knows where?
Control: It never lied, never slaughtered.

"Person of Interest: Most Likely to... (#3.19)" (2014)
Senator Ross Garrison: We have a problem.
Control: My goons and their black bags could've quashed this problem long before it went public.
Senator Ross Garrison: I don't have time for finger-pointing. The public is an ass hair away from learning their government is trolling through every inch of their private lives. Terminate the program.
Control: I would sooner have *you* terminated than leave this country unprotected.
Senator Ross Garrison: The country will be protected, just not by your machine.
Control: And right now, you should be asking who's going to protect you.

"Person of Interest: Panopticon (#4.1)" (2014)
Senator Ross Garrison: I have to say, the early results are impressive. Samaritan has preempted multiple threats to National Security.
John Greer: You're welcome, Senator.
Senator Ross Garrison: Your machine seems to be even more aggressive than Northern Lights.
John Greer: Samaritan is designed to be proactive. We can't afford to miss even one terrorist now, can we?
Senator Ross Garrison: All assurances aside, what really concerns me is accountability.
John Greer: Accountability?
Senator Ross Garrison: It appears Decima Technology has been dismantled as a viable business entity, which makes me wonder, who exactly is getting the NSA feeds?
John Greer: We had a deal, Senator. We get the feeds. You get the relevant numbers. What we do with that information is entirely up to us.
Senator Ross Garrison: That deal offered us plausible deniability. If the public ever gets wind of Samaritan, I just hope you're somewhere to be found.