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Joshua Christopher (Character)
from "Chrono Crusade" (2003)

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"Chrono Crusade: The Covenant (#1.2)" (2003)
Chrono: [Rosette and Joshua have discovered the tomb holding Chrono] Who are you?
Sister Rosette Christopher: First tell us who and what you are.
Chrono: My name is Chrono and what I am is what your people call a devil.
Sister Rosette Christopher: What do you mean by a devil?
Chrono: Just what I said. One of the beings that you humans fear.
[Chrono falls to his knees from weakness]
Sister Rosette Christopher: Sir, are you all right? You're looking awfully weak, you should eat something.
[Rosette offers him some food]
Sister Rosette Christopher: Here, help your self!
Chrono: Uh... ,Thank you?
Sister Rosette Christopher: My name is Rosette and my brother is Joshua.
Joshua Christopher: [Star struck] This is great. Could I shake your hand, please? You're really a devil? Wow a devil! This is so swell.
Chrono: [suddenly the atmosphere is ominous] Aion...
Sister Rosette Christopher: [Joshua walks towards Aion] Joshua, no! Stay away!
[Rosette tries to grab Joshua but he vanishes. Rosette shoots up in bed from her nightmare]
Sister Rosette Christopher: [solemn] Joshua...

"Chrono Crusade: Neck (#1.19)" (2004)
Sister Rosette Christopher: [Rosette is finally reunited with Joshua] Joshua... You are Joshua, right? You've grown so tall and so very thin. And I've been so worried about you.
Joshua Christopher: It's nice to meet you. My name is Joshua by the way, I'm waiting for someone to meet me here. My sister.
Sister Rosette Christopher: What are you talking about? It's me, Rosette, don't you recognize me?
Joshua Christopher: I see. What a coincidence, my big sister's name is Rosette too.
Aion: The siblings reunite, how bitter sweet.