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Alan Stone (Character)
from "Home and Away" (1988)

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"Home and Away: Episode #1.659" (1990)
Alan Stone: [Stone enters the Store Drunk] Alf Stewart...
Alf Stewart: G'day.
Alan Stone: I'll have another bottle of that scotch, thanks.
Alf Stewart: What happened to that last one; You drop it on the way home?
Alan Stone: [snarls] I don't think that's *any* of your business.
Alf Stewart: Just making conversation.
Alan Stone: [slurs] Look, I haven't got time to set there and chat; just get me a bottle of scotch, will you?
Alf Stewart: Look, old mate. I think your best bet would be to go home and sleep it off.
Alan Stone: Look, I didn't come here for *your* advice. Are you gonna serve me or not?
[Karen giggles; Stone turns to her]
Alan Stone: And that's enough out of *you*, You should be in school!
Karen Dean: Um, It's *After* school.
Alan Stone: Don't be so damned cheeky! I won't put up with that; You're as bad as your brother, you are!
Alf Stewart: Hey, now. Hang on a minute, fella!
Alan Stone: You think you're clever, Don't you, girlie? Well, you're not *that* clever, Let me tell you!
Alf Stewart: That'll do
[pushes Stone towards to door]
Alan Stone: Take your hands off me!
Alf Stewart: Take your hands off nothin'! Out you go.
Alan Stone: [Threatening] Just wait til' tomorrow at school!
Alf Stewart: Just get out, ya goose!
[shoves Stone out]
Sophie Simpson: [In shock] I can't believe him!
Karen Dean: What did I say?
Alf Stewart: I tell you what, the sooner that bloke's transferred to Woop Woop or wherever, the better. Are you okay, love?
Karen Dean: [Scared now] What do you think he'll do to me?
Alf Stewart: He won't do anything to you; If he tries, There'll be hell to pay.