Elliot Harris
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Elliot Harris (Character)
from The Toy Soldiers (2014)

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The Toy Soldiers (2014)
Elliot Harris: She's so neat.
Jason: She has her eyes set on that juiced dude. Want me to get the 411?

Elliot Harris: She's my ma, man!
Jason: Your mom is a loser, Elliot. It's bunk but true.

Elliot Harris: We're not going to relive all of those years in one evening. We should just deal with the fact that after tonight, everything is going to change.

Elliot Harris: Anyone ever tell you, you look like Molly Ringwald?
Angel: Who's that?

Elliot Harris: I'm an adult, so nobody owns me, you know?
Angel: Do you like him?
Elliot Harris: Who?
Angel: Did I stutter?

Elliot Harris: You make me uncomfortable.
Angel: Why?
Elliot Harris: Cuz.

Elliot Harris: You're putting your fingers in the wrong holes.
Angel: Oh... really?