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Officer Lou Bratley (Character)
from The Chumscrubber (2005)

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The Chumscrubber (2005)
Officer Lou Bratley: Okay - so, now, you want to tell me about this fight at the mall?
Dean Stiffle: No. Not really, no.
Dr. Bill Stiffle: Dean, make an effort for me, please. I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation for all this, officer.
Officer Lou Bratley: I'm all ears.
Dr. Bill Stiffle: Dean?
Dean Stiffle: ...The guy at the mall was Billy. He and the other two forced me to steal drugs from my friend, Troy.
Officer Lou Bratley: Troy? Who's this Troy?
Dean Stiffle: Troy Johnson. He's dead.
Dr. Bill Stiffle: He committed suicide, sir.
Officer Lou Bratley: I don't understand.
Dean Stiffle: I told them no, so to force me to do it, they kidnapped my brother.
Officer Lou Bratley: Wait a minute, are you kidding me? You got a son who's kidnapped?
Dean Stiffle: No, wait a second, listen. They got the wrong kid. And they said if I didn't get the stuff from Troy, they were going to kill him.
Officer Lou Bratley: Oh, you just said Troy, who's dead.
Dr. Bill Stiffle: He is, officer. Dean...?
Dean Stiffle: So I did it, only Charlie - my little brother, Charlie, switched the drugs on me. And I wound up with a bag of my mom's Veggie Force.
Officer Lou Bratley: Veggie Force?
Dr. Bill Stiffle: It's this vitamin line she hocks.
Officer Lou Bratley: Veggie Force! I know that stuff. Right, I know, Veggie Force, right. Okay. Yeah... you wouldn't happen to know if they make a weight gainer for kids?
Dr. Bill Stiffle: I can check I guess.
Dean Stiffle: ...Anyway, that's why we got in a fight. Cause he wouldn't let the kid go.
Officer Lou Bratley: Which kid?
Dean Stiffle: The kid who was kidnapped.
Officer Lou Bratley: Okay. I think I understand. You were fighting at the mall with a guy who's kidnapping and drug smuggling with a guy who killed himself.
Dean Stiffle: ...Yeah.

Officer Lou Bratley: Well, that's great Dean, you know? Only there doesn't happen to be any reports around here of any missing kids, so how do you explain that?
Dean Stiffle: I can't... I can't explain that.
Dr. Bill Stiffle: [Interrupting] Officer, can I...?
Officer Lou Bratley: Well, I mean, what's his name? This missing kid, this kidnapped kid, what's his name?
Dean Stiffle: He's called Charley.
Officer Lou Bratley: Charley what?
Dean Stiffle: Charley Br...
Dr. Bill Stiffle: [Interrupting again] Officer Bratley, could you step outside a minute, please? I'd like to talk to you in private.
Dean Stiffle: ...O-Officer Bratley?