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Quotes for
Alejandro (Character)
from The Green Inferno (2013)

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The Green Inferno (2013)
Alejandro: Have you ever had fantasies of saving a tribe?

Alejandro: Look, it's good they ate Josh first. He should last them almost a week.
[Justine lunges at him in anger]

Alejandro: You must be a freshman. Only a freshman would speak with such insolence.

Alejandro: No matter what, keep streaming.

Alejandro: Get media attention. Right or wrong, you need cameras on them. That's the only way people change their behavior. The threat of embarrassment. You must shame them.

Alejandro: You're a hero.
Justine: You were going to let them kill me.
Alejandro: You knew the risks.
Justine: Yeah. I just didn't know the the biggest one was you.

Alejandro: Be thankful that they killed Jonah first. He can feed them for a week.