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Quotes for
Justine (Character)
from The Green Inferno (2013)

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The Green Inferno (2013)
Charles: Peru is dangeorus, you can't just go invade a country because you see them as doing something immoral.
Justine: I know. I just think I should be doing something about the rainforest.

Kaycee: So I go to this party, and Scott's like, you should totally rush. And I'm like, that's retarded. That's were idiots who were stupid enough to go to Dartmouth.
[offers a piece of fruit]
Justine: I'm on a hunger strike.
Kaycee: You're one of them, I can tell.
Justine: Or I'm just not hungry.
Kaycee: Or you secretly want to starve yourself.
Justine: Duh, what girl doesn't?

Kaycee: Well, what do you want me to say? I think you're 100% wrong.
Justine: I think you're 100% whore.
Kaycee: [smirking] I'm probably 50/50.

Justine: [to Lars about to pee next to her] This is the girls tree, find your own!

Alejandro: You're a hero.
Justine: You were going to let them kill me.
Alejandro: You knew the risks.
Justine: Yeah. I just didn't know the the biggest one was you.

[last lines]
Justine: [answering the phone] Hello?
Sister: Justine?
Justine: Who is this?
Sister: My name is Lucia. I'm Alejandro's sister.
Justine: I'm really sorry, I actually can't talk right now.
Sister: I, I found a satellite photo. It looks like my brother. We need to talk.
[Alejandro comes into focus looking up]