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Quotes for
Raff (Character)
from "Ben 10: Alien Force" (2008)

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"Ben 10: Alien Force: X = Ben + 2 (#1.13)" (2008)
Bandaged Warrior: E-emperor Milleus, have mercy.
Emperor Milleous: Mercy? For incompetence? Very well. Your destruction shall be swift.
[Frolic is disintegrated]
Emperor Milleous: And YOU, my supposéd right hand - FIND MY DAUGHTER!
Raff: Um... no problem, Your Highness.
Emperor Milleous: This Seven Seven is a tool of the empire's enemies.
Raff: But that could mean anybody, sir - anybody you haven't... enslaved or... destroyed yet.
Emperor Milleous: True. Search the closest inhabited planet. FIX this... or I will show YOU mercy.

Ben Tennyson: Seven Seven, like that guy Six Six we used to fight?
Raff: He's he same race as Six Six but far more dangerous.
Gwen Tennyson: Yeah, eleven more dangerous.