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AmpFibian (Character)
from "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien" (2010)

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"Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: Fused (#1.8)" (2010)
AmpFibian: Problem is Aggregor won't give up. He'll come after us.
Ra'ad: And when he does, you had better be ready!
Kevin Levin: What do you mean "you?"
AmpFibian: "We." We meant "we." "I" meant we.
AmpFibian: [quietly to himself] That was weird.

Gwen Tennyson: [speaking of Ben, who is now AmpFibian] I can sense Ra'ad's essence inside of him. It's like they're sharing the same body.
AmpFibian: I call dibs!
Ra'ad: Joke while you can. I'm going to take control of you AND your Ultimatrix.
AmpFibian: He's trying to take over the Ultimatrix. Keep me from using it!
Kevin Levin: Let him try. I'm about to hack into the Ultimatrix and force a reboot.
Gwen Tennyson: 'Cause that worked out so well last time?

Kevin Levin: It'll go better this time. Promise.
AmpFibian: Why?
Kevin Levin: 'Cause, this time, I'll use the blue buttons.

AmpFibian: Get... out of... my... head!
Ra'ad: It isn't your head! It's mine!
AmpFibian: Okay, good point, but I'm using it now!