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Alex Manning (Character)
from Arcade (1993) (V)

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Arcade (1993) (V)
Alex Manning: Oh god, I dreamed you were dead.
Alex's mom: Sweetheart, I am dead.

Alex Manning: You're the donor?
Arcade: The donor... was a little boy! His mommy hit him until he went to sleep forever. But Vertigo-tronics stole his pain and I was born! Now no one can play with me ANYMORE!

Alex Manning: You're Arcade? You're the donor?
Arcade: And you're too late, Alex. You've always been too late. And now your time is up.

Nick: Good thinking, Alex. You're pretty smart for a fucked up paranoid teenager.
Alex Manning: [sarcastically] Thanks a lot.

Albert: Just remember, it's only a program, it's not really alive. If things get too intense, you can always push the Escape button, and you're out of the game.
Alex Manning: What if the Escape button doesn't work?
Albert: Well then... we've got ourselves a pretty big glitch, don't we?

Arcade: Nick! Alex! All your friends are here.
Alex Manning: We know what you are.
Arcade: A heartless monster, of course.
Alex Manning: Fuck you!
Arcade: Anytime.
[Arcade laughs]
Arcade: See you on the other side.
[Arcade resumes laughing]