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Quotes for
Lucien P. Singer (Character)
from The Boys Next Door (1996) (TV)

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The Boys Next Door (1996) (TV)
[Lucien is walking around the living room spraying something from a spray can]
Arnold Wiggins: Lucien, you got me right in the ear! If you don't stop spraying that stuff we'll all catch asthma and die.
Lucien P. Singer: I'll be makin' it smell clean, Arnold.
Arnold Wiggins: Lucien, that's the furniture polish.
Lucien P. Singer: We be havin' furniture, Arnold.

Lucien P. Singer: I stand before you a middle-aged man in an uncomfortable suit, a man whose capacity for rational thought is somewhere between a five-year-old and an oyster.
Lucien P. Singer: I am retarded. I am damaged. I am sick inside from so many years of confusion, utter and profound confusion. I am mystified by faucets and radios and elevators and newspapers and popular songs. I cannot always remember the names of my parents. But I will not go away. And I will not wither because the cage is too small. I am here to remind the speices... of... the species. I am Lucien Percival Singer. And without me, without my shattered crippled brain, you will never again be frightened by what you might have become. Or indeed, by what your future might make you.

[repeated line]
Lucien P. Singer: We have no trees!