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Quotes for
Becky (Character)
from "Shining Time Station" (1989)

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"Shining Time Station: Wrong Track (#2.9)" (????)
Becky: You mean you're going to play leapfrog with real frogs?
Mr. Conductor: Yes. And I'm sure we'll have a leaping good time.

Becky: Have you ever gotten carried away?
Mr. Conductor: Of course. Just now, playing leapfrog. I leaped too far and landed in the mud. The frogs had to carry me away.

Mr. Conductor: I know! You could use your magic and *make* me more money.
Becky: You don't really want me to do that, do you?
Mr. Conductor: Wanna bet?
Becky: No...

Kara: Billy, Becky let someone steal our money for Stacy's present, and it's all her fault!
Billy Twofeathers: Hold on a minute, if the money was stolen, then it's not Becky's fault; it's just something bad that happened. It's not like she went out and spent it, is it?
Kara: I... I guess not. I - I'm sorry, Becky. It's not like you spent it.
Billy Twofeathers: Oh, I can help out. I'll lend you three some money; how much did you lose?
Becky: Well, I, um... oh, boy. I can't do this. I have to tell the truth. I spent the money.
Kara: I told you she spent it!

Becky: [explaining why she stuck up for Schemer by saying he didn't force her to spend] I guess I could've said no, but I just got carried away.
Schemer: She could've said no but she got carried away.
Billy Twofeathers: Did you know the fudge was for Stacy's party?
Schemer: Stacy's party, Stacy's party. Who cares about Stacy's party? Some stupid party I wasn't even invited to.
Billy Twofeathers: Oh, you do care and you *are* invited.
Schemer: I am?
Becky, Kara, Dan Jones: [disappointed and disgusted] He *is*?
Billy Twofeathers: Course he is.
[holds out Schemer's sale-sign to give back to him]
Billy Twofeathers: But it wouldn't be much of a party without fruitcakes.

[last lines]
Mr. Conductor: [appears] I hope we're not late for the party.
Becky: Just in time, Mr. Conductor. I want to thank you for your help. Would you like some fruitcake?
Mr. Conductor: We'd love some fruitcake.
Becky: "We"? Who's "we"?
Mr. Conductor: [gesturing then turning around puzzled to see he's alone] Well, my - guests and... me. Where *are* they? They were just here...
[everyone else at the table laughs at a frog that climbs from the cider up Schemer's arm]

"Shining Time Station: The Magic Is Believing (#2.3)" (????)
Kara: [glumly] Hi, Becky...
Dan Jones: Hi, Becky...
Becky: Well, well, well, what are *we* all so happy about?
Kara: We hurt a magician's feelings.
Becky: I don't believe in that stuff.
Kara: You don't believe magicians have feelings?

Mr. Conductor: You don't believe in magic?
Becky: I just said I didn't - Wait - How did you do that?
Kara: Do what?
Becky: Just say I don't believe in magic in a different voice. Without moving your lips.
Mr. Conductor: She didn't say it. *I* did. Are you positive you don't believe in magic?
Becky: [looking around] Who said that?
Mr. Conductor: I did. And I can tell you one or two things about magic that are quite real.
Becky: Cut it out, you two; you're scaring me.
Dan Jones: We aren't doing anything.
Mr. Conductor: [standing up as he sees him in the paddleball- box] Nothing to be scared of, Becky. Are you sure you don't believe in magic?
Becky: It's a little man!
Dan Jones: It's Mr. Conductor.
Becky: [starting to reach for him] Wait a second - neat; how does a doll like that run, on batteries?
Mr. Conductor: Stop it! I don't come with batteries!

Becky: Are you a magician?
Mr. Conductor: [seriously] No. I am who I am. And who I am is who I'll be, see?

Schemer: [choking with laughter] What is green... green... has six legs... and if it drops out of a tree onto your head, it'll squish you like a bug? OK? Nobody can guess? I'll have to tell you, then.
Becky: I know, a pool-table.

"Shining Time Station: Sweet and Sour (#2.5)" (????)
Mr. Conductor: Did I hear someone say something about honesty being the best policy?
Dan Jones: Gee, Mr. Conductor, whenever you did the right thing, everything worked out.
Mr. Conductor: Of course. Because when you're honest, things have a way of rolling along nicely. And speaking of rolling...
[skates towards the end of the table]
Dan Jones, Kara, Becky: MR.CONDUCTOR! LOOK OUT!

Becky: Where have you been?
Mr. Conductor: [flexing] Oh, I'm running in the Mingfield Marathon. Against a tortoise.
Dan Jones: What're you doing here? Is the race over?
Kara: Yeah.
Mr. Conductor: Oh, I left the tortoise at the starting-line. He's so far behind me, I don't have anything to worry about.

Becky: Do you have time to tell us a story? I mean, aren't you supposed to be running a race, against a tortoise?
Mr. Conductor: Don't worry about him. He probably isn't even to Point Pokey yet.

"Shining Time Station: All's Fair (#2.20)" (????)
Becky: But the fair doesn't start for another hour.
Mr. Conductor: Which I why I went early. I'd get trampled and stampled in all those crowds. Besides winning all these prizes, I had an entire baked bean, three whole French-fries, and a bite and a half of apple pie.

Becky: Oh, I get it! It's like a catapult, only stupid.

J.B. King: I'm looking for a little man. I only saw him once when I was, a boy. I was sitting in a train-station waiting for a train to take me home, but the train was late - and I started thinking that I... I'd never get home again.
Kara: Was the little man all alone?
J.B. King: No. No, he was with his family and he was saying goodbye; that's when I saw him. And I *know* he was, real. And, uh... he whispered a poem in my ear. But I can only remember part of it.
Dan Jones: What did he say?
J.B. King: Uh, he said - in the part I *remember*, he said, uh, "All the sharing that makes life worth living, and the pleasure you get 'cause you're giving, and it's wonderful how all at once you're..." And that's all I can remember. But when he said those words, I knew I'd get home safely, and I did.
Becky: Did he tell you his name?
J.B. King: Mr. Conductor. That was his name.

"Shining Time Station: Win, Lose or Draw (#2.4)" (1991)
Mr. Conductor: [appears bicycling across the information-desk as Becky sits on its edge and tears her drawing] If I can reach the end in under thirty seconds, I'll have beaten my old record!
[stopst where the shreds are]
Mr. Conductor: Where do these new obstacles come from?
[honks his horn]
Becky: They came from me, Mro Conductor. I tore up my drawing.
Mr. Conductor: It *is* a drawing. That's a familiar-looking eye. I'd like to see this drawing.
Becky: It's too late now.
Mr. Conductor: It's never too late.
[uses his magic to repair the picture]
Becky: Wow!
Mr. Conductor: It's Stacy. And she looks a lot better now.

Becky: Kara's not cheating. But the only way I'll ever win is by magic.
Mr. Conductor: Do you know any?
Becky: No... But *you* do. I bet you could use magic to make me a *fabulous* picture! Oh, please? Will you do it, Mr. Conductor? Say you'll do it!
Mr. Conductor: Sounds like winning the contest is really important to you.
Becky: Oh, it is! More important than anything! And this is the only way.
Mr. Conductor: Well, if it's that important... but I hope winning the contest makes you *feel* like a winner.

Mr. Conductor: Jealousy is one thing you don't want to practice. As for me, I'm going to practice my bicycle-jumps at Mt. Careful.
Becky: You're jumping over mountains?
Mr. Conductor: Oh, no - molehills. Never make a mountain out of a molehill, I say.

"Shining Time Station: Schemer Goes Camping (#3.10)" (????)
Stacy Jones: Mr. Conductor, have you ever played the Building-a-Story game?
Mr. Conductor: Well, maybe you'd better tell me how to play it. That way, I'll be able to get the whole story.
Stacy Jones: OK, I'll start. Ooh, the best way to start on a camping-trip is with something... spooky. OK. It was a dark and stormy night.
[thunder cracks from outside and she shivers]
Stacy Jones: Then, um, the ship was lost at sea. Kara?
Kara: The ship hit a big rock, and water started rushing in.
Becky: The boat started to sink, but before it did, the captain jumped into the dark, dark water. Your turn, Mr. Conductor... Mr. Conductor?
Mr. Conductor: [with his eyes covered] Is it over yet? I can't look.

Becky: Schemer tried to staple the tent to a tree?
Dan Jones: Yeah. We told him not to. Anyway, see - Schemer sent me back here to get more staples! And then he and Schemee went straight back into the tent, and then into the woods!
Stacy Jones: Oh, no; I hope they'll be all right.
Mr. Conductor: So do I. But you know, it does remind me of the time where Percy wouldn't listen, and he got drenched too.
Dan Jones: I bet Percy wasn't camping with Scout-Sergeant Schemer.
Mr. Conductor: No. But it was almost as bad.

"Shining Time Station: Becky Makes a Wish (#3.1)" (????)
Becky: [seeing the results of Schemer's and the mayor's wishes] I don't think I'll ever want to make another wish again.
Billy Twofeathers: Oh, I'd think twice about that one, Becky. This is a downright unusual situation. I mean, most of the time wishing is good. It's even important. I mean, everything useful or beautiful that a human being ever achieved began with a wish.

[last lines]
Midge Smoot: My stars, child, for the life of me, I do not understand why you children hang out at the station all the time, when nothing ever happens here.
Becky: Well, Ms. Smoot, sometimes a nice quiet day is everything that I could wish for.

"Shining Time Station: Mr. Conductor's Movie (#3.16)" (????)
Becky: Do you think it's true?
Stacy Jones: Well. Who knows with Midge?

Becky: [in a dress and tiara greeting J. B. King and Barry Prince] Ah, the king and the prince. I'm honored to meet you. Welcome.

"Shining Time Station: Washout (#2.10)" (????)
Dan Jones: Do you have storms on the Island of Sodor?
Mr. Conductor: As a matter of fact, Percy got caught in an awful storm once.
Becky: I don't think I wanna hear this right now.
Mr. Conductor: Oh, that's too bad, because the storm passed.
Becky: It did?
Mr. Conductor: And it ends happily, as you'd have found out. But I'll save it for some other time.

"Shining Time Station: Stacy Cleans Up (#3.4)" (1993)
Becky: Well, garbage doesn't go away on its own. Somebody's got to take care of it.
Kara: Yeah, but nobody likes garbage.
Schemer: [swatting] Yeah, except flies; they love it.

"Shining Time Station: Schemer's Alone (#3.2)" (????)
Mr. Conductor: [appears bicycling on a tightrope] Did someone say trouble? You know, if people were just more careful, they wouldn't end up in any...
Dan Jones, Becky: [as his bike topples] Mr. Conductor!
Mr. Conductor: [riding the wire upside-down] trouble at all.

"Shining Time Station: Billy Saves the Day (#3.6)" (1993)
Becky: How come you know so much about music?
Mr. Conductor: I've always been a conductor, Becky, but I haven't always worked with trains.

"Shining Time Station: Jingle, Jingle, Jingle (#2.19)" (????)
Becky: [of Johnny Appleseed] Did people pay him to plant all those trees?
Billy Twofeathers: Mm-mm. He didn't care much for money. Some people are like that.
Schemer: [offscreen] Hey, watch where I'm goin'!
Becky: [shaking her head] And some aren't.

"Shining Time Station: Crackpot (#2.11)" (1991)
Becky: Do you collect anything, Mr. Conductor?
Mr. Conductor: [raises his sole] Chewing-gum.