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Critic's Mom (Character)
from "The Nostalgia Critic" (2007)

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"The Nostalgia Critic: Dawn of the Commercials (#6.41)" (2013)
[Reggie is watching an "I don't want to grow up" Toys "R" Us commercial]
Reggie's Mom: Reggie!
Reggie: Aw, go away, Mom!
Reggie's Mom: Reggie, when are you gonna get a job?
Reggie: I told you, Mom, I'm a Toys "R" Us kid!
Reggie's Mom: You keep saying that! What does that mean?
Reggie: You couldn't possibly understand, Mom!
Reggie's Mom: I'm never gonna have any grandchildren!
Reggie: They just complicate the plan, Mom! The Toys "R" Us plan!
Reggie's Mom: I'm going to watch old home movies of you and see where I went wrong!
Reggie: Toys "R" Us kid, Mom! Toys "R" Us kid!

Nostalgia Critic: [re: Toys "R" Us commercials] The only other problem I had with these commercials was that half the toys were never *at* Toys "R" Us. You ever noticed that? I don't know if it was a copyright thing or what, but half of these products they were advertising were never at the store. Like imagine if you were a Ninja Turtle nut, like I was. Look at THESE fucking things!
[shows a shot of dancing Ninja Turtles]
Nostalgia Critic: Holy shit! I want the life-size dancing Ninja Turtles, please!
[the phrase "Don't Have It!" is displayed in red letters]
Nostalgia Critic: What? Don't have it? Well, okay. I'll take that gigantic teddy bear he's bouncing around on.
["Don't Have It!" is displayed in red]
Nostalgia Critic: What? Well, how about that game where you bomb the battleship?
["Don't Have It!" is displayed in red again]
Nostalgia Critic: Fuck you! Look through the store. There has to be a game where you can bomb a battleship. Gah, this place is an insult to Geoffrey the Giraffe!
["He's Not Real!" is displayed in red letters]
Nostalgia Critic: He's not real?
["NO!" is displayed in red]
Nostalgia Critic: [crying out] I don't wanna grow up!
[puts his hands in his face]
Critic's Mom: Critic, when are you gonna get a job?
Nostalgia Critic: Shut up, Mom!