Kimberly Jones
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Kimberly Jones (Character)
from "Mentiras Perfectas" (2013)

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"Nip/Tuck: Derek, Alex, and Gary (#3.3)" (2005)
Dr. Quentin Costa: I'm sorry, Kimber. This is very embarrassing. I'm completely starstruck. I've seen all your movies.
Kimber Henry: How sweet. We have a new series coming out. It's called "Two Girls, a Guy, and a Cumface". It's loosely based on our personal experience.
Dr. Christian Troy: We'll be sure to send you the DVDs.
Kit McGraw: Porn's for fat kids. Why not offer him the real thing?
Dr. Quentin Costa: I wouldn't want to impose.
Kit McGraw: Christian won't mind a friend lending a hand.
Dr. Christian Troy: Not at all. Quentin, if that's what Kit wants. She's all yours.
Kit McGraw: If you like her movies, wait until you have her when she's not acting. She tastes like hot maple syrup.
Dr. Christian Troy: Kimber isn't a condiment from IHOP, sweetheart. She's not to be passed around the table.

"Nip/Tuck: Duke Collins (#5.8)" (2007)
Ram Peters: Don't you think that the little girl's gonna be a little bit better off with Kimber and me, rather than some punk who's willing to be filmed taking it up the ass so he could score a little bit more boo-yah?
Dr. Christian Troy: That's my son, you dick-sucking pimp!
Kimber Henry: Didn't you guys know that Matt worked here? Oh yeah, Ram cast him in First-Time Fairies... as a bottom. That's the one...
Julia McNamara: Stop it Kimber, you're lying!
Dr. Christian Troy: Of course she's lying. That's the only thing she's good at... except for spreading her legs

"Nip/Tuck: Hiro Yoshimura (#6.19)" (2010)
Kimber Henry: [In a dreamy way, typical of the show] Hey, sailor...
Dr. Christian Troy: [Surprised] Kimber... Uff.
[Looks at her with love]
Dr. Christian Troy: I missed you so much.
Kimber Henry: Really? Because I didn't miss you. I know I said to you that I did, but no so much. I think I'm finally free now.
Dr. Christian Troy: Don't say that. You're the best thing that ever happened to me.
Kimber Henry: And yet you stole my soul. I have to kill myself to get away from you. That was the only way out. And now Sean is killing himself too, Christian. If he stays with you, he's a dead man.
[Christian awakes]

"Nip/Tuck: Pilot (#1.1)" (2003)
Christian Troy: Can I buy you a drink?
Kimber Henry: I don't drink.
Christian Troy: Can I buy you an appetizer?
Kimber Henry: I don't eat. I'm a model.
[Christian gives up and is ready to leave]
Bartender: Another one before you hit the road?
Christian Troy: No thanks, I have to operate tomorrow.
Kimber Henry: Are you a doctor?
Christian Troy: [flashes smile] Plastic surgeon.