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Amber Adesen (Character)
from "Hannah Montana" (2006)

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"Hannah Montana: It's a Mannequin's World (#1.7)" (2006)
Lilly Truscott: Come on Miley. So it's a dorky sweater.
Miley Stewart: Are you kidding? I look like a kitty kebab!
[pulls tail]
Lilly Truscott: No one here's gonna make fun of you. It's not like someone is gonna take your picture and put it in the school yearbook.
Amber: Hey birthday girl.
[holding up phone]
Amber: Say cheese!
Miley Stewart: [to Lilly] Quick! Cover my tail!
[runs away]
Amber: [to Ashley] Did you get her?
Ashley Dewitt: No. You?
Amber: [annoyed] No, I took a picture of myself by mistake.
[looking at phone]
Amber: Ooh, and I look fantastic!