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Francine Hardin (Character)
from "Movie Stars" (1999)

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"Movie Stars: Mothers & Brothers (#1.5)" (1999)
Audrey Wyatt: I don't know how to tell you all this but... I'm dying! I don't know when, I don't know how, but sooner or later I'm gonna die.
Francine Hardin: If there's anything I can do to help.

Francine Hardin: Apache, why is there a dog in the kitchen?
Apache Hardin: I got a new job. Celebrity dog walking!
Francine Hardin: And why are his eyes glazed over?
Apache Hardin: It's Woody Harrelson's dog, Hemp.

Audrey Wyatt: Where are you going?
Audrey Wyatt: Out to make some new friends. Male, of course. I'm gonna start out with a little witty conversation and then a flirtatious smile...
Francine Hardin: Who are you kidding? You'll stand on a street corner and yell, "Hey, G.I., me love you long time!"

"Movie Stars: Bittersweet Seventeen (#1.3)" (1999)
[Todd arrives with an enormous gift basket]
Todd Hardin: It's my niece's birthday and I wanted her to know just how much she means to me.
Lori Lansford: Uncle Todd, you didn't have to!
Francine Hardin: He didn't.
[Francine reads the card from the basket]
Francine Hardin: "To Tom and Nicole. Keep the faith. We know where you live. The Church of Scientology."