Reptillus Maximus
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Reptillus Maximus (Character)
from Toy Story That Time Forgot (2014) (TV)

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Toy Story That Time Forgot (2014) (TV)
The Cleric: Leave your offerings and begone.
Reptillus Maximus: But wise cleric, aren't all dinosaurs welcome in Battleopolis?
The Cleric: Fine, but make them presentable. I find their lack of armor... disturbing.

Trixie: Maximus, your world is bigger than you know. Let me show you what you are.
Reptillus Maximus: But I'm a Battlesaur!
Trixie: But you can be so much more.

Trixie: You can be a dinosaur, a baby reindeer, anything your child needs you to be. It's about being there for your child. It's about...
Reptillus Maximus: ...surrender.

Reptillus Maximus: Farewell, Trixie of the Bonn-yee tribe. My heart will burn bright until the moment you return. Thursday around 4:30.