Maureen Ponderosa
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Maureen Ponderosa (Character)
from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" (2005)

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"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The High School Reunion (#7.12)" (2011)
Maureen Ponderosa: What do you think about this?
[shows off a diamond in her dead tooth]
Frank Reynolds: [in disgust] Ho! Ho! It wafted over here, the dead tooth... It's burning my nose. It stinks.

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Mac Fights Gay Marriage (#6.1)" (2010)
Dennis Reynolds: Hey, do you remember all the good times that we used to have in the back of your dad's Datsun behind this place? Oh, man. So much romance. Mmm. Hey, how is your dad?
Maureen Ponderosa: Dad died last year.
Dennis Reynolds: Did he die?
Maureen Ponderosa: Yeah.
Dennis Reynolds: Oh, that's... that's too bad. It happens, you know. He was getting up there, right? I mean, it was probably natural causes, or...
Maureen Ponderosa: Suicide.
Dennis Reynolds: Sui- suicide?
Maureen Ponderosa: Car exhaust, yeah. I had to break the window of the Datsun, so...
Dennis Reynolds: Oh, yeah. It was one of those. One of those, huh?
Maureen Ponderosa: His eyes were so yellow.
Dennis Reynolds: Okay.