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Ethan Chandler (Character)
from "Penny Dreadful" (2014)

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"Penny Dreadful: Little Scorpion (#2.7)" (2015)
[Vanessa and Ethan Chandler listen to the storm]
Vanessa Ives: I love storms. Primordial. Every bit of civilization gone. Everything true coming out.
Ethan Chandler: [Mr. Chandler looks out into the storm] Let it.
Vanessa Ives: You don't fear it?
Ethan Chandler: Not now.
Vanessa Ives: This must've been how the world was created.
Ethan Chandler: Or how it ends.

[first lines]
Sembene: [Sembene sits with Ethan Chandler, telling him of the transformation he just witnessed] Things become other things. The leopard consumes the monkey and becomes leopard and monkey. The crocodile consumes the leopard and becomes crocodile and leopard... and monkey. I have seen this. The Shamans in my mountain call it Uchawi Mabadiliko... the changing from one skin into another. The ones so cursed do not always fully remember it, this... becoming. Is it a sickness... or is it something else? Is it a blessing, the purpose of which we cannot yet see? I say this is what it is. For I know you, my friend, Ethan Chandler. I see inside you, past the crocodile... and the leopard... and the monkey. And the wolf.
Ethan Chandler: [Mr. Chandler exhales] Tell me what you saw.

[Vanessa is accompanied by Ethan Chandler as the two prepare to enter the old Cut-Wife house]
Vanessa Ives: Do you believe a place can be haunted?
Ethan Chandler: Yes.
Vanessa Ives: Have you been in such a place?
Ethan Chandler: Indian graveyard in Arizona. Indians I killed.
Vanessa Ives: Were you frightened?
Ethan Chandler: I felt I belonged there.

[Vanessa strolls with Ethan Chandler, talking about her unique connection to Sir Malcolm]
Vanessa Ives: For years now, Sir Malcolm and I, have had a very private relationship. In a way, I think I savored that. The intensity of it. Perhaps I even fed on it.
Ethan Chandler: And Mrs. Poole threatens that?
Vanessa Ives: Doesn't she? He lost his anger. That resentment and rage is what we shared. Our bond was of our mutual suffering.
Ethan Chandler: Despite all that, you're still the closest thing to a family he's got left.
Vanessa Ives: He didn't go to his own wife's funeral. Doesn't that demonstrate his allegiance to his family?
Ethan Chandler: Because it was too painful, maybe.
Vanessa Ives: You know better. He's in love. The memories of his past, including me, are clouds he doesn't want to face. And why should I demand him to? Just so I can retain my unique bond with him? It's selfish. My God, let him be happy.

[Vanessa picks some flowers while strolling with Ethan Chandler on the moors]
Vanessa Ives: Wood Betony, attracts bees for honey. Crushed and put into your pillow it prevents nightmares.
Ethan Chandler: Ooh, get a lot of that.
[Vanessa chuckles]

[Ethan Chandler talks to Vanessa about the late Brona Croft and Sir Malcolm]
Ethan Chandler: When I was with Ms. Croft, I was more content than I ever thought I could be. For once in my life, I didn't feel like running away. I felt out of place to want to belong.
Vanessa Ives: She was your moors. Your solitude.
Ethan Chandler: In a way. Sir Malcolm's just looking for where he belongs now. Without Mina. Without you, even. But when he settles down, he'll come around, he won't forget about you. I certainly didn't.

[Vanessa kneels down beside Ethan Chandler at the end of their stroll]
Ethan Chandler: Are you making a rabbit snare?
Vanessa Ives: Surprised?
Ethan Chandler: Who knew you were so handy?
Vanessa Ives: Life isn't all tarot cards and pagan blood glyphs, you know.
Ethan Chandler: You know what? You're gonna make someone a great little wifey one day.
[Vanessa chuckles]

[Vanessa talks to Ethan Chandler about having a fear toward dolls]
Vanessa Ives: I mean, I played with them. You had to, or they thought you were deviant in some dreadful way, but I never liked them. My mother insisted on deploying them around my room like an army of little play friends. But every night, before I went to sleep, I ran around my room and knocked them over.
Ethan Chandler: Ms. Ives!
Vanessa Ives: Then every morning I would put them all back. God, those eyes staring at you, just waiting to come to life. Who thinks that's healthy for a child?
Ethan Chandler: Well, I played with toy soldiers. Also not the best recipe for mental health when you think about it. All those things that mark you when you're young... they make you who you are. Never escape them.

[Ethan Chandler talks to Vanessa about the monsters]
Ethan Chandler: They just wait, don't they?
Vanessa Ives: What?
Ethan Chandler: The monsters inside us.
Vanessa Ives: Monsters?
Ethan Chandler: What would you call them?
Vanessa Ives: For me... demons. But one word is much like another.
Ethan Chandler: And when they're released?
Vanessa Ives: We're most who we are. Unrestrained. Ourselves.

[Vanessa tries to ask Ethan Chandler about his secret]
Vanessa Ives: Tell me. We're alone. Speak quietly, but tell me.
Ethan Chandler: Tell you what?
Vanessa Ives: [Vanessa puts her hand on the back of Mr. Chandler's neck] We can whisper about those things that hurt us.
Vanessa Ives: [Mr. Chandler doesn't answer her question] You need to learn to protect yourself.

[Ethan Chandler is surprised at Vanessa's perfect aim with a pistol]
Ethan Chandler: You haven't done this before?
Vanessa Ives: No. I suppose it just comes naturally.
Ethan Chandler: [Mr. Chandler smiles] Why am I not surprised.

[Ethan Chandler teaches Vanessa how to shoot a pistol]
Ethan Chandler: It's a different thing when you're firing at something alive.
Vanessa Ives: How do you learn that?
Ethan Chandler: Experience.
Ethan Chandler: [Mr. Chandler holds Vanessa's shoulders] Aim at the middle of the body, don't get fancy. Don't aim at the head or limbs. And here's the real trick, which seems illogical, I know. Don't look in your opponent's eyes. That'll stop you every time. You think for one minute about what you're doing, and you won't do it. Stop being human. Become something else.
Vanessa Ives: What?
Ethan Chandler: An animal that has to survive. A predator. No emotion. Survival. And most important?
Vanessa Ives: [Vanessa whispers in reply] Don't look into his eyes.

[Vanessa teaches Ethan Chandler how to dance]
Vanessa Ives: It's the opposite of homicide. Always look in your opponent's eyes.
Ethan Chandler: And then?
Vanessa Ives: Proceed gently. Take my waist.
Vanessa Ives: [Vanessa places Ethan's hands where they need to be] Up here, Mr. Chandler. And sway. And one, two, three. One, two, three.
Vanessa Ives: [Vanessa chuckles] One, two, three. That's it.

[Vanessa tells Ethan Chandler how she wishes it could just end]
Vanessa Ives: I can't live forever violated. When I sleep, when I wake, when I pray, those demons tearing into me. I once begged you to put a bullet through my heart, but you thought it kindness to spare me. It was cruelty!
Ethan Chandler: [Mr. Chandler grabs Vanessa's shoulders] You will not die while I'm here. You will not surrender while I live. If I have one goddamn purpose in my cursed life, it's that.
Vanessa Ives: You are one man.
Ethan Chandler: More than that and you know it. We are not like others. We have claws for a reason.

[Sir Geoffrey Hawkes confronts Vanesssa and Ethan Chandler out in the woods]
Sir Geoffrey Hawkes: [Sir Hawkes approaches the two with a pack of dogs] One word from me and you don't have an arm anymore. They know how to behave. You know how to get a dumb animal to behave? You feed it with your own hand. You don't let anyone else do it. You give them food or you don't. You let some of them starve so the others see. So they know their lives depend entirely on your will. Learned how to behave yet, little bitch?
Ethan Chandler: That's enough.
Sir Geoffrey Hawkes: Not hardly, lad. Maybe I come visit you, eh? Bring a match and start another fire. Young flesh burns best.

[last lines]
Ethan Chandler: [Ethan Chandler lectures at Vanessa for the witchcraft she used to kill Sir Geoffrey Hawkes] Do you feel better now? Now that you're a murderess? I suppose that's what you learned here, isn't it? From your nice old lady friend. How to kill babies? How to kill men? You do belong here.
Vanessa Ives: I know what I've done.
Ethan Chandler: Do you? Do you know what it is... to walk with someone's body tied around your neck for the rest of your goddamn life? Do you know what that is, little girl? Let me tell you about it. First time is hard. I'm sure you cried a bit, didn't you? Don't worry, that'll pass. Second time is easier. Third time, you don't blink. Then it's all just repetition. You don't cry anymore. You don't even remember when you used to cry. You're alive and they're dead. Fuck 'em!
Vanessa Ives: Stop it!
Ethan Chandler: [Mr. Chandler holds on Vanessa's shoulders] You'll never get your soul back. Not ever. Do you understand that?
Vanessa Ives: Yes.
Ethan Chandler: [Mr. Chandler whispers] Welcome to the night, Vanessa.

"Penny Dreadful: Night Work (#1.1)" (2014)
[Ethan Chandler questions Sir Malcolm and Vanessa Ives after witness the undead vampires]
Ethan Chandler: Who the fuck are you people?

[Vanessa Ives watches Ethan Chandler's 'Sharpest Shooting Gun Slinger of the West' exhibition]
Ethan Chandler: [shooting with precision] Just about then, I seen big old crazy horse himself, riding up with his band of bloodthirsty Sioux killers.
Ethan Chandler: [firing aimlessly to the pottery] General Custer gave the word, his blonde hair flapping in the breeze like something from myth. Says he: 'Stand here and fight boys! Fight for your very lives!' And so fight I did.
Ethan Chandler: [continuing to fire without missing] One of the survivors who lived to bring you this tale of pluck and daring. Thanks for coming out today and I hope that I have found some favor among you estimable gentlemen... and ladies.
[Mr. Chandler then shoots the feathers off a woman's hat]

[Ethan Chandler finishes having sex with a local London woman]
Beautiful Young Woman: Will I see you again?
Ethan Chandler: Would that I could. Show's heading off to Paris. So many details to attend to... you understand? The life of a theatrical gentleman is peripatetic, darlin'.
Beautiful Young Woman: But I was under...
Ethan Chandler: [Mr. Chandler forces his kiss on the beautiful woman] Just know that you've made my visit here truly memorable. I shall never forget you.

[Vanessa Ives meets Ethan Chandler for the first time]
Vanessa Ives: You didn't tell the truth. By my reckoning, you were a boy when General Custer died and 'tis well known there were no survivors.
Ethan Chandler: [Ethan smiles] What we call a tall tale, darlin'.
Vanessa Ives: Exceedingly tall.
Ethan Chandler: Vice of my nation. We're storytellers.

[Vanessa Ives asks for some night work help as Ethan Chandler makes a joke]
Vanessa Ives: I have a need for some night work.
Ethan Chandler: Oh, honey, don't we all?

[Vanessa Ives tells Ethan Chandler what she thinks of him]
Vanessa Ives: I have a need for a gentleman who's comfortable with firearms, and not hesitant to engage in dangerous endeavors. Or was that all a tall tale as well?
Ethan Chandler: What do you think?
Vanessa Ives: Expensive watch, but threadbare jacket. Sentimental about the money you used to have. Your eye is steady, but your left hand tremors. That's the drink, so you keep it below the table, hoping I won't notice. You have a contusion healing on your other hand, the result of a recent brawl with a jealous husband, no doubt. Your boots are good quality leather, but have been resoled more than once. I see a man who's been accustomed to wealth, but has given himself to excess and the unbridled pleasures of youth. A man much more complicated than he likes to appear.

[Vanessa Ives invites Ethan Chandler to join her on a nightly adventure]
Vanessa Ives: The job's tonight.
Ethan Chandler: Is it a murder?
Vanessa Ives: Would it matter?
Ethan Chandler: [Ethan smiles] One smile and I say yes.
[as Vanessa Ives smiles]

[Sir Malcolm tells Ethan Chandler to not be amazed on what he will see during the night work]
Ethan Chandler: One - One minute. What're we doing here?
Sir Malcolm: We're looking for someone. More than that, you don't need to know. Do not be amazed at anything you see and don't hesitate.

[Ethan Chandler meets Victor Frankenstein for the first time]
Ethan Chandler: You're a man with a bloody knife like everybody else out there. So stop putting on airs.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: American?
Ethan Chandler: You are clever.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Do you know anything about electrical currents? Your country is making such strides as we labor in the dark ages of coal and peat. Have you any experience with principles and applications of galvanism?
Ethan Chandler: Oh, the usual.

[Victor Frankenstein examines the dead body of the master vampire]
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Lividity, null. Rigor mortis, null. Notable ocular hyperemia. Ocular reaction, null. Dental malformation, not naturally occurring due to the isotropy. Nature's rarely so neat, nature abhors symmetry. Trauma and penetration of the chest cavity through the manubrium seems the likely cause of death, but I expect you know that. Age of the subject is impossible to determine, the teeth seem barely used, which seems unlikely given the... muscular development. The dermis is unusual. Seems to lack the normal cutaneous exocrine pores. Hand me that.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: [Victor uses a scalpel to cut into the flesh] Well, I know why the skin seems peculiar.
Sir Malcolm: Why?
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Forceps? Because it isn't skin. Not as we know it. It's more like a... tensile exoskeleton, along the lines of an insect or crustacean. He must've been a hearty devil.
Ethan Chandler: You're not kidding.

[Vanessa Ives gives Ethan Chandler an explanation for the night work]
Vanessa Ives: Do you believe there is a demimonde, Mr. Chandler? A half world between what we know and what we fear. A place in the shadows, rarely seen but deeply felt. Do you believe that?
Ethan Chandler: Yes.
Vanessa Ives: That's where we were last night. Where some unfortunate souls are cursed to live always. If you believe in curses, that is.

[Vanessa Ives tells Ethan Chandler what kind of man he is]
Vanessa Ives: Are you a wise man, Mr. Chandler?
Ethan Chandler: Not especially.
Vanessa Ives: A wise man would walk away from this house and make a concerted effort to forget everything that occurred last night. He would not look back.
Ethan Chandler: That sounds like a warning.
Vanessa Ives: It's an invitation. Should you be so unwise as to entertain the idea, we have continued use of a man of your skills. Your kind of man.
Ethan Chandler: And what kind is that?
Vanessa Ives: A man of great violence and hidden depths. You play your role well, Mr. Chandler, but this is not who you are.

[Vanessa Ives bids Ethan Chandler farewell when he doesn't take up her offer to join her and Sir Malcolm]
Vanessa Ives: I hope you enjoy your life as an actor. It seems to be what you're suited for. But if you find yourself in that demimonde we spoke of, and seek to escape it, you know my address.
Ethan Chandler: And what do you seek to escape?
Vanessa Ives: Perhaps the same thing you do. We all have our curses, don't we? Good day, Mr. Chandler.
Ethan Chandler: Miss Ives.

"Penny Dreadful: And Hell Itself My Only Foe (#2.9)" (2015)
[Ethan Chandler threatens Inspector Rusk for if he's cornered]
Ethan Chandler: Cornered animals are the most dangerous.
Bartholomew Rusk: But they are cornered, nonetheless.

[Warren Roper holds his gun on both Ethan Chandler and Vanessa Ives]
Warren Roper: Mr. Chandler shall be returning to his home country with me. But what shall we do with Miss Ives? What shall we do with all that pretty hair.
Ethan Chandler: You lay a finger on her and I'll...
Warren Roper: [Mr. Roper kicks Chandler to the ground] You'll do what? The only real question is... will I scalp her before or after I fuck her?

[Vanessa Ives and Ethan Chandler stand over Warren Roper's grave outside the Cut-Wife's house]
Vanessa Ives: So now we are homicides together.
Ethan Chandler: It was him or us.
Vanessa Ives: And that excuses everything?
Ethan Chandler: I don't know.

[Inspector Rusk tells Ethan Chandler about the phantom limb]
Bartholomew Rusk: Do you know the medical neurosis called the phantom limb? It's not uncommon when people lose an arm or a leg or such. I lost my arm, when I was constantly reaching things with it. It seemed so real, but it wasn't. More and more, I think this is all some... sort of phantom limb. Something is going on here which is not an actual arm or leg. Something not quite real... but completely true.
Ethan Chandler: You mean otherworldly?
Bartholomew Rusk: That's precisely what I mean. I couldn't codify it in a report log, nor could I capture it in a crime scene photograph. This place, those people... and you... are a phantom limb.

[Ethan Chandler talks to Inspector Rusk about monsters]
Ethan Chandler: Are you a superstitious man?
Bartholomew Rusk: Not by nature. But I'm learning to be. And the things I have seen over the years, Mr. Chandler, have made me a bit mad, I think. Set a thief to catch a thief.
Ethan Chandler: And set a monster to catch a monster?
Bartholomew Rusk: Very like. My less monstrous colleagues will be on duty night and day, you can be assured.

[Sembene tells Ethan Chandler that he should tell Vanessa Ives the truth]
Sembene: You should tell her all.
Ethan Chandler: Why?
Sembene: She will take your pain and make it hers. That's what she does.

[Ethan Chandler tells Sembene that he is his friend]
Sembene: I have been much feared and hated in my life. By my people, by yours.
Sembene: [Sembene holds a knife up to his face] These marks mean I was a slave trader. This is my sin to live with. But in this house I have found kindness among the unkind. So have you.
Ethan Chandler: I've not had many friends in my time... but I'm proud... to count you among them.

[Hecate Poole confronts Ethan Chandler, the Wolf of God]
Hecate Poole: The Wolf of God. You have been chosen. You are unlike all others and you have a profound destiny. Will you seize it?
Ethan Chandler: And what's that destiny?
Hecate Poole: To strike with impunity. To feed at will. To serve not the emaciated Galilean God but to stand alongside the great winged Lucifer as he reconquers Heaven's bloody throne. Will you crawl with the insects, or will you rise over them?

[Hecate Poole tells Ethan Chandler to put a bullet in her]
Ethan Chandler: [Chandler cocks his gun at Hecate's waist] Say I put a bullet in you?
Hecate Poole: Do it. That won't change what's going to happen.
Ethan Chandler: Will it kill you?
Hecate Poole: Oh, yes. Doesn't take a silver bullet to kill us. But pull the trigger and you deny yourself the one person who could be your greatest ally in the future that awaits you.

[Hecate Poole tells Ethan Chandler that she would serve him best]
Hecate Poole: [Hecate holds her hand to Ethan's face] You have been given a great power. One day you will use it and take your foretold place over these mortal animals. You know in your heart I'm speaking the truth. Admit it.
Ethan Chandler: Yes.
Hecate Poole: You are what you are. And when you're ready. I will serve you best of all.
[Hecate kisses Chandler on the lips, before revealing her true form to him, and stepping back through the mirror]

[Ethan Chandler and the group arrive to Madame Kali's castle]
Ethan Chandler: You and Mr. Lyle take the front. We'll find another way in.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: And then what do we do?
Ethan Chandler: Kill everyone you don't recognize.

[Ethan Chandler begs for Sembene to let him kill himself, as the two remain locked in a room together with a full moon over them]
Ethan Chandler: You have to! I beg you!
Sembene: I will not. I am just a man. You have been chosen by God. My friend, Ethan Chandler.

"Penny Dreadful: Fresh Hell (#2.1)" (2015)
[first lines]
Ethan Chandler: [Ethan Chandler tells Vanessa Ives he needs to talk to her as the two get in the horse chariot] I need to talk to you. Not inside the house.
Vanessa Ives: Take us on the tour. Anywhere you like.

[Ethan Chandler tells Vanessa Ives that he needs to leave from the rest of the group]
Ethan Chandler: Mina's dead. The Creature's dead. We lost.
Vanessa Ives: That was only a battle. Do you think the dark forces that converge on our heads can be vanquished so easily? Do you honestly believe you can escape them?
Ethan Chandler: And the other ones? The ones inside us?
Vanessa Ives: Inside me, you mean?
Ethan Chandler: No. That's not what I mean.

[Ethan Chandler tries to tell Vanessa Ives that he has a monster in himself]
Ethan Chandler: There are times that I have... Well, like these blackouts. Times I can't remember.
Vanessa Ives: What happens?
Ethan Chandler: I don't know. But there's usually blood.

[Vanessa Ives offers her help to Ethan Chandler]
Vanessa Ives: How can I help?
Ethan Chandler: You can't change who you are, no matter who you save, or who you love.

[Ethan Chandler tells Sembene that he's never seen Vanessa Ives frightened]
Ethan Chandler: This is something I never thought I'd see.
Sembene: What?
Ethan Chandler: Here's a woman who faced down that Creature in the theater without blinking. And held her ground against Satan himself. But now... I've never seen her frightened.

[Ethan Chandler and Vanessa Ives describe the witches they witnessed]
Ethan Chandler: They were branded and deeply scarred.
Vanessa Ives: The devil's mark. Those in the service of the demon are irrevocably marked. His claws rake across them to seal their obedience. No, Sir Malcolm, these were not the creatures we faced before.

[Victor Frankenstein and Ethan Chandler discuss the language the witches spoke]
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: A mythical language.
Ethan Chandler: No. A dead language. The word of the devil.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: According to Biblical lore, the Verbis Diablo is a corruption of angelical speech. What Adam spoke in Paradise, before the serpent made his memorable appearance.
Ethan Chandler: The story goes, Satan took God's language and turned it inside out. After the fall of man, God spoke to Adam, but Adam could no longer understand. 'Why is my language unclear to thee? Because you now belong to your father, the devil.'

"Penny Dreadful: Demimonde (#1.4)" (2014)
[Brona Croft tells Ethan Chandler that she was engaged before]
Brona Croft: I was engaged once, back in Belfast. Riveter in the shipyard he was. Brutal man with brutal hands. When he fucked me, he would put one of those big hands over my face and turn it away, so he wouldn't have to look into my eyes. There I was, engaged to him.
Ethan Chandler: Why?
Brona Croft: There was no money. It's what you did. You married or you whored. One night, he was fucking me, and he got really tough and there was blood. I went to my mother. She said to go back and marry him. Same day I walked down Leopold Street off the Shankill Road and fucked a stranger for money.
Ethan Chandler: [Mr. Chandler turns Brona's face to his] We've all done things to survive. There are such sins at my back it would kill me to turn around.

[Ethan Chandler and Victor Frankenstein get in an argument while talking about dead bodies in the newspapers]
Ethan Chandler: [to Victor Frankenstein and Sir Malcolm] Holy Christ, you're both morbid fucks.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: My, my. That temper of yours.
Ethan Chandler: Well, we're not all bloodless dandies.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Is that what I am?
Ethan Chandler: I don't know what you are.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: You could not understand it, believe me.
Ethan Chandler: My, my. What arrogance.

[Ethan Chandler and Brona Croft arrive to the theater for 'The Transformed Beast' showing]
Brona Croft: [Brona in her Irish accent] Oh, Ethan, I've wanted to come here forever. Monstrous little horrors they enact.
Ethan Chandler: Say it like that and you can get me to do anything.
Brona Croft: What?
Ethan Chandler: [Mr. Chandler chuckles] 'Eatin.'

[Dorian Gray invites Ethan Chandler to go someplace with him]
Ethan Chandler: You ever wish you could be someone else? Just run away from your life?
Dorian Gray: All the time. You want to be someone else? Comes with me.
Ethan Chandler: Does it involve a drink?
Dorian Gray: Many.
Ethan Chandler: What about Miss Ives?
Dorian Gray: She doesn't want to be anyone else.

[Dorian Gray tells Ethan Chandler he doesn't believe to be repetitious]
Dorian Gray: Once you get used to something, why bother? It's just repetition.
Ethan Chandler: [as Mr. Chandler notices Dorian's many colognes] You like your cologne. How do you choose?
Dorian Gray: Depends on how I feel. Or how I want to feel, I suppose. Different aromas make you feel differently, don't they? Citrus and sandalwood produce one thing. Musk and lavender another. Jasmine, mint. Each produces a different sensation. A different view.
Ethan Chandler: Good for you.

[Dorian Gray tells Ethan Chandler that he plays his part well]
Dorian Gray: You play your part to perfection, Mr. Chandler.
Ethan Chandler: What part's that?
Dorian Gray: Rude, mechanical. Rugged Westerner. But I suppose we all play parts.
Ethan Chandler: What's yours?
Dorian Gray: Human.

"Penny Dreadful: Séance (#1.2)" (2014)
[first lines]
Barman: [Ethan Chandler shows up to a bar after a night of sleeping out in the dirt] One of those nights, has it been?
Ethan Chandler: Do you have any whiskey?
Barman: The more pertinent question might be as follow: Do you have money?
Barman: [Mr. Chandler slaps cash on the barkeep] Much as you like, friend.

[Ethan Chandler meets Brona Croft for the first time]
Ethan Chandler: [Brona helps herself to Mr. Chandler's whiskey bottle, taking a shot] Well, nice to meet you, too.
Brona Croft: And you.

[Brona Croft asks Ethan Chandler if he's an actor]
Brona Croft: Jesus, you're not an actor are you?
Ethan Chandler: Not precisely.
Brona Croft: Praise the lord for that. I knew an actor once, always sucking up the oxygen from the room, he was. I was ever faint.

[Brona Croft tells Ethan Chandler that nothing surprises her]
Brona Croft: What trade you have then?
Ethan Chandler: Well, I could shoot the ace out of a playing card at fifty paces.
Brona Croft: Well, that'll come in useful, I'm sure.
Ethan Chandler: You'd be surprised.
Brona Croft: Not much surprises me.

[Ethan Chandler learns the meaning of Brona Croft's name]
Ethan Chandler: I'm Ethan Chandler.
Brona Croft: Brona Croft.
Ethan Chandler: Brona?
Brona Croft: It's Gaelic.
Ethan Chandler: What does it mean?
Brona Croft: Sadness.

"Penny Dreadful: And They Were Enemies (#2.10)" (2015)
[Vanessa Ives tells Ethan Chandler that they can both walk away together]
Ethan Chandler: There's no walking away from what I am.
Vanessa Ives: What we both are. I have run from the darkness for so long... only to find myself in a place darker still.

[Vanessa Ives sees her normal life with husband Ethan Chandler, kids Clare and Charles Chandler]
Clare Chandler: [the daughter Clare holds up a drawing] Daddy, does this look like a hippopotamus?
Ethan Chandler: Not at all. Maybe it looks like a horse that's eaten a little too much.
Clare Chandler: I like fat horses.
Charles Chandler: Fat horses are too slow.
Ethan Chandler: Not if you're on a long trail. You want a little extra muscle then.

[Ethan Chandler sees Vanessa Ives after she knows what he is]
Ethan Chandler: You know what I am.
Vanessa Ives: Yes. And here I stand.

[Vanessa Ives holds onto Ethan Chandler and tells him to be with her]
Vanessa Ives: Walk with me. You recall the night I came to your room? I was so frightened. You were kind, and in the morning I was not so frightened. Stay with me tonight.
Ethan Chandler: And tomorrow?
Vanessa Ives: [with tears in her eyes Vanessa smiles] I promise you, we will be less afraid.

[last lines]
Ethan Chandler: [Ethan Chandler reads his letter to Vanessa Ives while on a ship back to America, narrating] Dear Vanessa... your many kindnesses I will always carry with me. Such generosity... has not been a part of my life, and I thank you for your affection and understanding. In my most frightened and lonely moments, you were there. And such light you brought to me. But I am made for the dark. As we both know. I am fit for only one place and should have been there long ago. Deep in the cold clay on a forgotten hill. Your road may be difficult. But mine is doomed. So we walk alone. Written with love... Ethan.
Vanessa Ives: [after Vanessa turns off all the lights to the house] So we walk alone.

"Penny Dreadful: Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places (#2.4)" (2015)
[first lines]
Sir Malcolm Murray: [Vanessa concludes the story of Joan Clayton and the witches to Sir Malcolm, Victor Frankenstein, and Mr. Chandler] And then?
Vanessa Ives: They burned her alive. When I left the moors, I thought I would never hear that wicked language again. Or confront that evil. Mr. Chandler felt you needed to know.
Ethan Chandler: For thee are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies... but against mighty powers of this dark realm.
Vanessa Ives: And against evil spirits of heavenly places.

[Mr. Chandler meets the mysterious Hecate Livingstone, who confesses her name to Mr. Chandler]
Hecate Poole: I hate to even say it aloud. Hecate Livingstone.
Ethan Chandler: Hecate.
Hecate Poole: Yeah, I know! It's the name of a Greek sea goddess. Mistress of the waves. My parents went through a classical learning phase. My name is the hideous result.
Ethan Chandler: Why don't you just go by your middle name?
Hecate Poole: I can't.
Ethan Chandler: Why?
Hecate Poole: Aphrodite.

[Vanessa and Mr. Chandler discuss the witch Hecate]
Vanessa Ives: Hecate wasn't a sea goddess. She was a moon goddess, and bringer of magic. And also a character in Macbeth, the Protector of Witches.
Ethan Chandler: She didn't look like a witch.
Vanessa Ives: And would an old crone have attracted your eye? No, Mr. Chandler, they can assume many guises, like a chameleon on a leaf. In their natural state, they're more... memorable.
Ethan Chandler: She was some chameleon then.

[Chandler tries to talk to Sembene]
Ethan Chandler: Can I ask you a question?
Sembene: Can I stop you?
Ethan Chandler: Were you a hunter where you came from?
Sembene: Partly.
Ethan Chandler: What was the other part?
Sembene: Private.

[Vanessa announces that she's going to bed in front of both Mr. Chandler and Sembene]
Ethan Chandler: [Mr. Chandler replies before noticing Sembene's cooking] Don't tell me you're going to miss Sembene's... what is that?
Sembene: Buttercream torte.
Ethan Chandler: Two words I thought I'd never hear come out of your mouth.
Vanessa Ives: Save me some for breakfast. Good night.
Ethan Chandler: [Vanessa walks off as Mr. Chandler whispers to Sembene] Does she really eat dessert for breakfast?
Sembene: Always.

"Penny Dreadful: Above the Vaulted Sky (#2.5)" (2015)
[Mr. Chandler tells Vanessa what he believes in]
Ethan Chandler: I believe we make ourselves who we are, the blood is on our hands, not God's.

[Vanessa is haunted by the witches at night, when she enters into Mr. Chandler's bedroom]
Vanessa Ives: [in frightful tears] I thought I saw them, but they weren't there. I can't tell the difference whether they're real or in my head. I can't live with this anymore. But they're in my prayers now.
Ethan Chandler: Shh. It's okay. You're safe here.
Vanessa Ives: Safe? I wish I were going mad. Then the doctors could lock me away and cut out the madness. Anything to make it end. You know the true path to freedom? Open any vein.

[Mr. Chandler comforts Vanessa to bed]
Ethan Chandler: The first time I picked up a gun and decided my life was more important than anyone else's. You never come back from that.
Vanessa Ives: And are you sure that wasn't part of His plan?
Ethan Chandler: You've never killed anyone. Talk to me then.
Vanessa Ives: Whatever you have done... whoever you have made yourself... I'm here to accept you. We're together for a reason.
Ethan Chandler: God's plan?
Vanessa Ives: Yes.

[Mr. Chandler is questioned by Inspector Rusk about the murders at the Inn]
Ethan Chandler: I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here, Inspector Rusk.
Bartholomew Rusk: Because... you're a mystery.
Ethan Chandler: And you don't like mysteries.
Bartholomew Rusk: I like order. And peaceable streets upon to walk.
Ethan Chandler: As do I.

"Penny Dreadful: Verbis Diablo (#2.2)" (2015)
[Ferdinand Lyle meets Ethan Chandler for the first time]
Ferdinand Lyle: Mr. Chandler! You are so very tall. You render me Lilliputian.
Ethan Chandler: Hello, Mr. Lyle.
Ferdinand Lyle: American! I am undone.
[Ferdinand giggles all over]

[Ferdinand Lyle and Ethan Chandler joke about bringing Chandler's guns to some investigation work]
Ferdinand Lyle: [Ferdinand eyes Mr. Chandler] Will you bring your gun belt?
Ethan Chandler: Both guns.
[Ferdinand quietly chuckles]

[Ethan Chandler and Ferdinand Lyle have a discussion about wolves]
Ferdinand Lyle: On battle shields the heraldic iconography's not actually meant to strike terror in the opponent as you'd think. Rather, it's meant to evoke protection. The figures are more spirit guides and totems of significance to the owner. Dragons and griffons and the like.
Ethan Chandler: So the wolves will protect.
Ferdinand Lyle: Yes, grisly bit of business. But that's why they call them the Dark Ages.
Ethan Chandler: I saw wolves where I grew up, in the New Mexico territory. Timber wolves. Enormous things.
Ferdinand Lyle: Oh?
Ethan Chandler: They hunted in packs. They'd isolate a cow or sheep or what have you by barking and growling. But when they finally attacked, it was completely silent. They'd... they'd tear out the windpipe first. You couldn't hear anything, but the blood splashing on the ground. They didn't protect anything. They just fed.

"Penny Dreadful: Resurrection (#1.3)" (2014)
[Vanessa Ives asks Ethan Chandler if he questions anything about her]
Vanessa Ives: I... I see things sometimes. I am affected by forces beyond our world. You don't question that?
Ethan Chandler: There's a lot I question about all this, but not that.

[Vanessa Ives and the group make a pact to remain together]
Vanessa Ives: We here have been brutalized with loss. It had made us brutal in return. There is no going back from this moment.
Sir Malcolm Murray: If we are to proceed, we proceed as one. Without hesitation and with fealty to each other alone. This, we seek, demands nothing less. It is not for the weak or the kind. No one in this room is kind. That's why you're here. Now look into each other's eyes. And pledge to go as far as your soul will allow. Swear it now.
[Vanessa nods her head]
Sir Malcolm Murray: [Sembene nods his head]
[Victor nods his head]
Sir Malcolm Murray: Give your assent, Mr. Chandler, or leave this company and its mysteries behind.
Ethan Chandler: [Chandler looks to Vanessa, whispering] I'm with you.
Vanessa Ives: And I with you, Ethan.
[Chandler nods his head]

[Ethan Chandler tells Vanessa Ives he met a woman]
Ethan Chandler: Brona. It means 'Sadness' in Gaelic.
Vanessa Ives: Does she live up to the name?
Ethan Chandler: Can't tell. She has consumption.
Vanessa Ives: Then she will. Who doesn't love a lost cause?

"Penny Dreadful: Glorious Horrors (#2.6)" (2015)
[Warren Roper talks to Ethan Chandler about getting him back to America]
Warren Roper: Before I became a fine Pinkerton man you see before you, I was a Texas ranger. We was after some Mexicans, rustlers they were. We spent months on the trail. Finally, we captured them. End of the day we were so fucking sick of hunting them that we couldn't face dragging them back to Abilene, so we shot them down, took their scalps. Which fulfilled the warrant, you see. It was proof of apprehension, as the lawyers say.
Ethan Chandler: I'm not going back to America.
Warren Roper: Oh, you are. Or maybe I'll sell you to a freak show. That's quite a trick you have. Never seen the like, and I've seen most everything.

[Inspector Rusk talks to Ethan Chandler about the murders at the Mariner's Inn when viewing at the Putney Wax display]
Bartholomew Rusk: When I was in the Transvaal... I saw lions feed. It was much like the Mariner's Inn. They were always tearing pieces off and stealing away.
Ethan Chandler: With a purpose... to eat.
Bartholomew Rusk: Not always. Sometimes a shock would run through the animals, like a tremor, for no reason at all. A kind of bloodlust. I often wondered if they remembered it afterwards... this frenzy. What do you think?

[Inspector Rusk tells Ethan Chandler what he did after losing his arm while at the Putney Wax Works]
Bartholomew Rusk: When they cut off my arm, I was anesthetized. When I woke... I went and found it in a pile of discarded limbs, not unlike this tableaux.
Ethan Chandler: What did you do with it?
Bartholomew Rusk: Oh, I tossed it back. I just needed to finish the story in my own way. Write 'finis' in bold letters... and move on.

"Penny Dreadful: The Nightcomers (#2.3)" (2015)
[first lines]
Ethan Chandler: [Ethan Chandler finds the red scorpion on Vanessa's bedroom floor, drawn from her own blood] What is this?
Vanessa Ives: It's no concern of yours.

"Penny Dreadful: Grand Guignol (#1.8)" (2014)
[Ethan Chandler reveals himself as a wolf to Warren Roper and Mr. Kidd]
Warren Roper: You ought to just come along now. The fun's over.
Ethan Chandler: You think so?
Warren Roper: You're gonna make us chain you up like a monkey?
Mr. Kidd: Mmm. Got us a monkey here?
Warren Roper: [Mr. Roper kicks Mr. Chandler's chair] We got us a monkey here.
Ethan Chandler: [Chandler turns around, with a werewolf face] Monkey? No. No monkey.