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Quotes for
Ravi (Character)
from Butterfly Dreams (2013)

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Butterfly Dreams (2013)
Ravi: Are you coming from the factory?
Sumi: No. I went to temple after work.
Ravi: What did you pray for?
Sumi: I'm praying to become a doctor.
Ravi: A doctor? That's going to cost you a lot. Can your parents afford it?
Sumi: My dad died when I was little. My mom died last year from Tuberculosis.

[Sumi comes early to Ravi's house and wakes him up]
Ravi: What time did you wake up?
Sumi: I don't know, I can't tell time.
Ravi: Do you know how to count?
Sumi: Oh, Yes. My mom taught me to count to thirty.

[Ravi corrects Sumi's writing]
Sumi: I make so many mistakes. I don't think this is working.
[Sumi throws the pencil on the ground]
Ravi: You're not going to get it in one try. You have to practice. Practice day and night.
Ravi: Let's try writing slowly.
[Ravi hands her the pencil and guides her hand to practice writing]

Sumi: [reading from a book] Elephants weigh up to 5 tons. Elephants that have large tusks are hunted by... hunted by...
[Sumi struggles to read the word. Ravi looks at the book and reads]
Ravi: Poachers.
Sumi: Who are they?
Ravi: A person who hunts illegally.
Sumi: Why would someone do that?
Ravi: People will do anything to make money. It happens every day and it's not getting any better.

Ravi: What are you writing?
Sumi: A letter.
Ravi: To whom?
Sumi: You.