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Quotes for
Dagur the Deranged (Character)
from "Dragons: Riders of Berk" (2012)

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"Dragons: Race to the Edge: Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part One (#1.1)" (2015)
Dagur: Hiccup! Did you miss me? 'Cause I sure missed you. Every day for three years I thought about you.

Dagur: Can't you see my brother and I are having a moment?
Hiccup: I'm NOT your brother and we are definitely not having a moment.
Dagur: Oh. Well, *I* was.

Dagur: Must we always do the same dance, Hiccup, you and I? Not that you're not a fabulous dancer.

Dagur: I'll also take whatever it is you're hiding behind your back. Come on, hand it over like a good boy. Brothers share, you know.
Hiccup: You know, you're not going to get very far with that thing.
Dagur: Oh Hiccup, must we always do the same dance? Not that you're not a fabulous dancer.

"Dragons: Race to the Edge: Gone Gustav Gone (#1.6)" (2015)
Dagur: Ordinarily, this is where I would double-cross you and fill you full of arrows, but the kid is squeamish. He made me promise to let you go, and in return he's gonna take me to a treasure.

Dagur: You know, I'm actually gonna feel bad when I kill this kid.

Hiccup: Dagur, you hand over the Dragon Eye.
Dagur: I don't think so.
Hiccup: I'm not asking.

"Dragons: Race to the Edge: Night of the Hunters, Part One (#2.2)" (2016)
Astrid: Heather?
Tuffnut: No way.
Astrid: Run!
Dagur: Surprise! Did you miss me? Of course you did. Oh, do you know my sister? Wait a minute, sure you do! You guys were little pals and buddy buddies.
Heather: Hey, family is family.
Astrid: I can't believe this, Heather.
Heather: I know it's not Dragon's Edge but, it'll have to do. Enjoy your new home, Astrid. You're gonna be here awhile.

"Dragons: Race to the Edge: Have Dragon Will Travel, Part Two (#1.11)" (2015)
Dagur: Well, look who the dragon flew in!

"Dragons: Race to the Edge: Have Dragon Will Travel, Part One (#1.10)" (2015)
Dagur: Well, you know what I always say: When in doubt, take it out.