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The Cat (Character)
from Pinocchio (1940)

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Pinocchio (1976) (TV)
Pinocchio: Rich is good?
Fox: Rich is always good.
Cat: Poor is always bad.
Pinocchio: Isn't there anything in between?
Fox: Yes, aggravation.

Fox: Come to think of it we, uh, we did see a little fella about so high.
Cat: Oh I think a little higher.
Geppetto: Where you see him?
Fox: Who's giving the reward?
Geppetto: You tell me where, I'll tell you who.
Fox: You tell us who, we'll tell you where.
Geppetto: I don't tell you who till you tell me where, and I tell you why. If I tell you who before you tell me where, you no tell me where. You'll go to who and tell him where.
Cat: If we tell you where before you tell us who, you'll go to who and tell him where.
Geppetto: I tell you what...
Fox: Just tell us who.
Geppetto: I'll tell you when I tell you who! I tell you who when you tell me where!
Cat: We tell you where when you tell us who!

Fox: We'll pay you to tell us!
Geppetto: Alright how much?
Fox: Five gold coins.
[gives coins to Geppetto]
Fox: Now who's giving the reward?
Geppetto: Me.
Cat, Fox: You?
Fox: You're just a poor wood carver!
Geppetto: [smiles and drops coins in his pocket] Not anymore.

Pinocchio (1940)
Foulfellow: [noticing Pinocchio] Look, Giddy, look! It's amazing, a live puppet without strings! A thing like that ought to be worth a fortune to someone. Now let me see...
[sees poster for Stromboli's puppet show]
Foulfellow: That's it! Stromboli! Why, that old faker would give his... Listen. If we play our cards right, we'll be on easy street or my name isn't Honest John.
[Gideon nods "No"]
Foulfellow: Quick, we'll head him off
[They follow Pinocchio and head him off near a brick wall]
Foulfellow: Shhh! Now is our cha...
[Gideon takes out a mallet and gets ready to hit Pinocchio]
Foulfellow: No, no, stupid!
[snatches mallet]
Foulfellow: Don't be crude.
[hits him with the mallet]
Gideon: Hiccup!

Foulfellow: [after drunkenly singing "Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee"] And the dummy fell for it.
Foulfellow: Hook, line and sinker!
[laughs again]
Gideon: [Dips a smoke-ring in his beer and takes a bite] Hiccup!
Foulfellow: And he still thinks we're his friends. And did Stromboli pay? Plenty!
[places a small bag of coins on the table]
Foulfellow: That shows you how low Honest John will stoop, eh, Giddy?
Gideon: [nodding choking on his beer] Hiccup!