Mr. Curry
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Mr. Curry (Character)
from "Paddington Bear" (1989)

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Paddington (2014)
Mr. Curry: Ms. Clyde.
Millicent: Mr. Curry, what do you want?
Mr. Curry: [Hold up a bouquet of wilted flowers] I found these tied to a lamp post, and I figured waste not, want not.
[gives them to Millicent]
Millicent: Charming, now if you excuse me.
Mr. Curry: [noticing Millicent's taxidermist van] Um... Where exactly are you going?
Millicent: what concern of it is yours?
Mr. Curry: You got there bear, in there.
[pointing at the van]
Millicent: and...
Mr. Curry: It just... I thought you were sending him to Peru. But...
Millicent: I said, I was sending him where he belongs and in his case, is the natural history museum.
Mr. Curry: But Honey pot, that is barbaric.
Millicent: Mr. Curry I am not your honey pot, I never was.
Mr. Curry: what?
Millicent: [Shoves Mr.Currys flowers back to him] Now take your rotten flowers and get out of here. Go.
[Mr. Curry timidly backs away slowly]
Millicent: ARF!
[Curry runs away]