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Kaeden (Character)
from Jak X: Combat Racing (2005) (VG)

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Daxter (2006) (VG)
Kor: Once again you have failed, and I must contemplate how to exact pain for your disservice!
Kaeden: Why is this Jak creature so important? And that annoying orange furbag, he is nothing but a trifle...
Kor: You have no idea how important they BOTH are to the cosmos. Daxter must not be allowed to rescue Jak! Do you understand?
Kaeden: I will see to it personally!
Kor: Yes... but if you fail... maybe that orange rat can be of service...
Kaeden: I will not fail. This isn't over yet!
Kor: If Daxter breaks the Eco user out of prison, this Jak... I can still meet them both outside... in disguise... Yes. An old man would win their confidence. Ah ha ha ha ha... And I will get this Daxter's head.

Kaeden: You cannot stop... the coming onslaught...
Daxter: Bring it on, bug breath! I just stopped you, didn't I?
Kaeden: No matter what happens, my master will be waiting for you and Jak outside...
Daxter: Outside where?
Kaeden: It is already written. This city will be ours...

Daxter: Hey ah, sleaze breath...
Kaeden: Do you like killing metal bugs?
Daxter: Well, there is a certain 'top of the food chain' satisfaction to the whole...
Kaeden: Well, why don't you pick on a bug your own size?
[he transforms into an enormous Metal Head]
Daxter: Eh heh heh... well... technically, you are a lot bigger...