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Quotes for
Eugene Banks (Character)
from The City (1977) (TV)

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The City (1977) (TV)
[Eugene sees two boys throwing rocks at some ducks]
Eugene Banks: Hey! They ever hurt you? Huh? Hey, I asked you something, I asked if they ever hurt ya?
Boy 1: We ain't scared of you.
Eugene Banks: Well, there's no reason to be. of course there's no reason to hurt them ducks either unless of course they were hurtin' you, now did they?
Boy 1: How could they?
Eugene Banks: You don't think they could, do you?
Eugene Banks: Oh, God. Boy, howdy. I'll tell ya somthin', I bet they could be just the meanest things ya ever tangled with, ya get their necks bent bout' somthin', like, uh that hen over there, ya know? try an take her away from her. The nests she settin' are string of little ones that she's leadin' around. Boy, you're liable to lose your finger I'll tell ya somethin'. Cause I used to raise em'. Boy they good ol' birds.
[Eugene turns back to the boys]
Eugene Banks: You...
[Eugene turns around to find that the boys had walked off]